Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most used operations in the treatment of obesity and is more commonly known as stomach reduction surgery. The aim of the operation is to remove 80% of the stomach and reduce its capacity.

During the procedure, the stomach is cut at certain points and combined and brought into a tube form. Meanwhile, the "fundus" region of the stomach, which is responsible for secreting the hunger hormone, is also removed, and the feeling of hunger in the person is controlled.

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What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most performed surgeries in the treatment of obesity in Turkey and is more commonly known as stomach reduction surgery. The aim of the surgery is to remove 80% of the stomach and reduce its capacity. During the procedure, the stomach is cut at certain points and combined and formed into a tube. Meanwhile, the "fundus" region of the stomach, which is responsible for the secretion of hunger hormone, is removed and the feeling of hunger is controlled.

Thus, a fast and effective weight loss process begins in patients who cannot lose weight despite regular diet, sports or other treatments. This operation is preferred because it is less risky and complex than other methods used in bariatric surgery.

To Whom Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

In order to perform gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, the patient must meet certain conditions. The first parameter to be checked in the person is the body mass index, in fact, people with a BMI over 40 and who cannot lose weight with other methods are the most suitable candidates for surgery. This procedure, which also eliminates other diseases related to overweight, is mostly preferred by people diagnosed with morbid obesity. However, people with a body mass index between 40 and 30 but who show signs of obesity-related disease can also undergo surgery.

The final surgery decision and whether the surgery will benefit the person is determined by the physician. For this, a series of tests and examinations are applied, as well as issues such as alcohol and substance addiction, the presence of psychological problems.

It is also important to make the necessary life and nutritional changes after the treatment in order to achieve a stable weight loss. Therefore, the specialist physician who evaluates all these data may recommend sleeve gastrectomy or other bariatric methods.

Advantages of Tube Stomach Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery has features that make it much more advantageous compared to other operations performed for similar purposes. These include a low risk of complications and a fast recovery process. Since it is performed with the laparoscopic method, it is completed in approximately 1-1.5 hours and allows the patient to recover comfortably. During the process, the patient can lose weight easily, since there are no complaints of pain and aches.
Other advantages of the surgery are:

  • Since it is performed by removing a large part of the stomach, it helps to lose 60-70% of the body weight.
  • It provides the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases caused by obesity.
  • Since the part that secretes the hunger hormone is removed during the procedure, the feeling of excessive hunger in the person is eliminated.
  • The gastric capacity is reorganized and the patient begins to lose weight rapidly.
  • It does not change the intestinal structure and does not cause future absorption problems.
  • There are no strict and strict dietary rules after the surgery, a balanced diet is usually sufficient.
  • People who do not get results from the procedure may turn to more complicated operations in the future.

In addition to all these, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is irreversible, so the stomach cannot be restored to its former form. However, since it has no effect on the intestines, it protects the natural digestive tract and prevents the development of vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to weight loss.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

Preliminary preparation phase is started before the operation is performed in people who are decided to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. After detailed measurements, examinations and imaging, the day of surgery is decided and the person is asked to fast for at least 12 hours.

For the procedure applied with the laparoscopic method, the patient is anesthetized, then the following procedure steps are followed:

  • Small incisions are made on the abdominal wall and a video camera system and various surgical equipment are sent through these incisions.
  • The image taken by the camera is projected onto the screen in the operating room, so that the physician can easily perform the necessary operations.
  • The stomach is cut at certain points and reshaped to form a tube. Necessary connections are made in the stomach, 80% of which is removed.
  • The incisions opened at the end of the procedure are sutured aesthetically and the patient is kept under observation until he recovers.

After the operation, which is completed in 1-2 hours, the patient stays in the hospital for about 3 days, during which the general health status of the person and the side effects of the surgery are observed. In addition, the eating and drinking function is tested with fluid intake. The person without any complications is discharged with a detailed nutrition and exercise program, and is called for a check-up at regular intervals.

In this way, the healing process is ensured to be healthy and controlled. The weight loss of the patient is recorded periodically and the person returns to the desired weight as soon as possible.

How Many Weight Loss After Tube Stomach Surgery?

The effect of sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which has a much higher physiological compatibility compared to other operations and therefore allows the patient to get rid of their excess weight easily, does not occur in the same way for everyone. However, weight loss starts right after the operation and continues up to 5-6 years depending on the structural features. Most patients lose 60% to 80% of their excess weight in the first year, and a slower weight loss is observed in the next 5 years.

A person's lifestyle, nutrition and sports habits affect the weight balance in the future. However, the probability of regaining the old weight after the surgery is very low, with regular check-ups, the person can achieve the fit appearance they want as soon as possible.

Nutrition After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The nutrition plan after sleeve gastrectomy is prepared with the advice of a dietitian or physician, and to help the person gain healthy eating habits. In the first stage after the operation, only liquid foods are consumed, and in the following stage, mash and solid foods can be gradually passed.

At the end of about 1 month, the person can start to eat normally, but the following points should be considered in order not to repeat the weight gain:

  • Since only the stomach size is reduced during the surgery, nutrition should be maintained with low-calorie and fat-free foods.
  • Adequate protein should be taken and vitamin and mineral supplements should be used regularly.
  • Foods rich in sugar and fat should be avoided, instead turning to natural sugars and healthy fat sources.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed.
  • At least 2.5-3 liters of water should be drunk daily.
  • Portion control should be ensured at meals, and the act of eating should be terminated after the feeling of satiety.
  • Regular walking and exercise should be done, physician controls should not be interrupted.

Although the risk of regaining the old weight after sleeve gastrectomy is low, the person should strictly follow the recommendations of the dietitian and physician in order to achieve the desired appearance. The personal nutrition program, which is prepared according to age, weight, height and other habits, ensures that the individual falls back to the ideal weight range in the healthiest way.

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