Is An Information Center For Health Consultations Near You.

Our aim is to help patients become acquainted with the fundamental problems of their disease through popular science information and refer them to the appropriate, leading specialists for their treatment.

Ways and confidence to make the best choice on the way to recovery will be offered by specially trained staff at our offices or through online consultations. We believe that everyone has the right to have accurate and accessible medical information to be aware of the medical opinions that affect them and to make sound, informed decisions that lead to full treatment. Medical awareness is truly a powerful force in all its fields and we are ready to pass it on to you.

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    Our offer:

    • As Dmaxhealth, we are the representatives of more than 40 hospitals, specialized clinics and health institutions in Turkey and here we offer the most appropriate treatment and consultations for you,
    • We provide free consultation from experts in our offices in Bulgaria,
    • We offer a complete service,
    • We offer consultations for the presence of an escort during treatment, as well as the selection of an appropriate medical institution and medical professionals,
    • We offer offers for organized or private transport,
    • We provide translation of documents,
    • We provide remote consultation on epicrisis after treatments, laboratory tests and other tests.

    What Is Our Mission?

    As Dmax Health, it is our main duty to provide opportunities to our patients with the partner organizations we work with in Turkey in order to find solutions to the diseases they have experienced in many different countries of Europe or to the aesthetic problems they experience, to support our patients from the first moment they come to Turkey, to support them and to provide solutions.

    What Is Our Vision?

    As Dmax Health, our main goal is to bring foreign tourists from many European countries to our country, to bring permanent solutions to their problems, to support them in this process in the logistics and accommodation sections apart from their illnesses, and to make this circulation permanent. Within the scope of Health Tourism in the medium term, we want to support thousands of people from many different countries in the field of health. In the long term, we want to break new ground in Turkey by establishing Turkey's first Children's Hospital.