Six Pack Surgery

Six-pack surgery is an operation included in the category of abdominal muscle aesthetics. It is applied to the abdominal region to gain a more "muscular appearance".

For this, a significant abdominal muscle contour is applied to the relevant area. The aim of this operation, which is mostly preferred by men, is to achieve a more fit and shaped look.

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    What Does Six Pack Surgery Mean?

    The fact that questions such as "how is the six-pack abs surgery performed", or "is 6 pack surgery painful" are witnessed more frequently is a real demonstration that these procedures are becoming more and more popular.

    The process of making the 6 muscles in the abdominal region more noticeable defines the six-pack surgery.

    In order to obtain a more muscular abdominal appearance in women, 2 muscles are revealed with the operation, and this is called two packs.

    Regular exercise and proper nutrition are not always suitable for everyone or for some people the results may not turn out the way they assumed.

    Sometimes, no matter what one does, the desired shape may not be achieved fast by the effects of negative factors of genetics, living conditions, and busy work-life by doing workouts, diets, etc.

    And six-pack aesthetics or abdominal etching comes into play at this point. It provides people with a younger and stronger appearance in a shorter time.

    Six Pack Surgery Procedure

    To explain the six pack process,

    It is necessary to mention the pre-, during, and post-operation stages. In order to have information about the operation process, you can look up the following:

    • Before the operation, the patient's complaints and expectations are listened to by the doctor.
    • The patient's medical history is acquired. The surgeon examines the patient and requests some tests, and the result of these is decided whether the patient is appropriate for surgery.
    • In six-pack surgery, the fat around the abdomen-chest area is removed. The operation type may vary according to the level of regional fat.
    • If there is excess fat in the chest area, gynecomastia surgery can be performed first. In this operation, excess breast fat is removed.
    • In the next step, the liposuction method is performed, excess fat cells are removed from the abdomen area, and then the desired six-pack look is obtained by applying tummy tuck surgery. The process takes approximately 1 hour.

    Six Pack Surgery Recovery Process

    Post-operative care and healthy nutrition are important during the six-pack recovery period. If a different operation is performed in addition to the six-pact surgery, this can also affect the healing process. Different procedures may be performed before or after the main surgery.

    The physical change can be immediately noticeable after the operation; however, the final result reveals itself within 8 to 10 days.

    After the surgery, the patient may be asked to wear a medical corset. Swelling may occur at first in the application area, and this is normal.

    This surgery doesn't leave a permanent and highly visible scar, however, if the liposuction method is applied additionally, minor lines can occur. But they will fade out over time.

    Karın kası sixpack ameliyatı


    Six-pack surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is asked to stay in the hospital for 1 day. Of course, the time period may change depending on certain circumstances.

    People who have excess fat around their abdomen and want to have a muscular abdomen look in a short time are considered appropriate for this operation. However, the doctor will make the final decision.

    Paying attention to certain factors, both in the short and long term, will be effective in the permanence of the results. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are essential for a long-term muscular look.

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