Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is one of the alternative medicine methods that use oxygen-based ozone gas. Helping fight the diseases is the main purpose of ozone therapy.

This practice has been used for years. Oxygen contained gas is administered into the body and that procedure helps to treat diseases, prevent inflammations, and heal wounds.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy?

    From reducing diabetes complications to stimulating the immune system, ozone therapy’s application area is very wide. For example, it increases oxygen in the body. Below are the prominent diseases and medical conditions in which ozone therapy is used.

    • Cancer,
    • Inflammation,
    • Heart diseases,
    • Arthritis,
    • Diabetes,

    Other than these, it modulates the immune system, fixes the lack of oxygen problems in the blood, and fights major conditions/diseases like HIV.

    What Is Ozone Therapy?

    Ozone is a form of a colorless gas that contains oxygen, mainly there are 3 oxygen atoms in it.

    As you know, the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from harmful UV radiation.

    Of course, this protection is valid for the upper part of the atmosphere, because ozone gas is harmful to the ground layer.

    However, medical ozone has been using more than a century for treatment purposes and has many benefits for people.

    Ozone Therapy Treatment Process

    Before the procedure, the specialist will talk to you, run some tests and inform you about the whole process. Your blood is taken and evaluated to whether it is suitable for the practice.

    At least one day or a couple of days before the injection date, your specialist wants from you to eat healthily and sleep better.

    As we said earlier, the application methods of ozone therapy vary. The best options will be determined by your healthcare provider.

    Ozone can be applied directly to the tissue. This method is used mostly for body wounds. Ozone therapy will be applied to the wounded tissue of the relevant body part.

    Internal disorders are another use of this practice. Intramuscular infections can also be treated. During this procedure, ozone gas is mixed with oxygen and then administered to the patient.

    ozon terapisi

    The patient’s own blood which is taken from the healthcare provider can be mixed with ozone and injected back (autohemotherapy). As the procedures vary, ozone therapy prices may also vary depending on the type of practice.

    Since ozone is natural gas, the treatments related to this substance intrigue people. It can be applied to the skin or injected into the body. It is essential to know that you must never inhale this gas directly. You should find a qualified, talented health team to apply this treatment.


    Feeling tired and sleepy are among the side effects of ozone therapy. However, it is not seen in everyone. In addition, some people may feel a lack of energy more, while others may have less.

    It is possible to experience some side effects. Mild headache, nausea, and coughing are the most common symptoms. But these are all normal and will go away in a short period of time.

    Ozone therapy generally takes 6 to 10 sessions. The number of treatments and the process of effects may change from person to person. The patient can observe the improvements within a couple of sessions.

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