Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation is a cosmetic surgical operation that helps reshape and resize the lower leg zone. Also, it is preferred for fixing the calf deformation. Enhancing and contouring of calves aims to make people feel comfortable with their bodies.

It is possible to say that questions such as "What does calf augmentation mean, who are suitable candidates for this operation, what are the operational steps, and what is the recovery process like" are encountered quite often. Before anything else, we need to say that a specialist, qualified healthcare providers, hi-tech medical equipment, and a modern environment are essential.

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    Reasons For Applying Calf Augmentation

    "Why is calf augmentation done and am I a good candidate for this operation" is one of the frequently asked questions from people who want to reshape their lower leg regions. The main goal is to volume the related muscles that are called "gastrocnemius muscle". Even with the most difficult exercises, it is hard to strengthen these muscles. Calf augmentation, on the other hand, offers people an easy solution for correcting their calf muscles.

    In order to have information about the reasons for calf augmentation, you can check the following and decide whether this operation is suitable for you:

    • Improving the proportion of lower leg,
    • Increasing muscle tone and contour that has lost volume,
    • Correcting deformities that are caused by physical trauma such as burns and accidents.
    • Minimizing badly injured lower leg deformities,
    • Fixing unbalanced calve look,
    • Giving the desired lower leg appearance to the calves which cannot get in good shape with exercise or diet.

    What Is Calf Augmentation?

    Calf augmentation, also known as calf implant, is a procedure done for enhancing the lower leg.

    People who do not like the size or shape of their lower legs usually consider having this operation.

    It should be added that the number of people who want to have a calf augmentation is increasing.

    This is a surgery done with silicon-based implants that are inserted into the calves.

    Cosmetic reasons and physical deformities are the main factors that direct people to have this surgery.

    How Is The Calf Augmentation Procedure Done?

    The calf augmentation procedure starts with the examination and research. This period can be defined as a pre-operation stage. Patients’ expectations are listened to, their medical background is researched by the surgeon, current body condition is examined.

    Doctor orders blood and radiological tests. As a result of these, it is decided whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the operation.

    The surgery is generally done under local anesthesia, or the doctor can prefer the intravenous sedation method. The patient does not feel any pain during the operation. In this cosmetic surgery, silicone calf implants are inserted into the calves. After the implantation is applied, the wound is sutured. Patients should follow the doctor's instructions for full and quick recovery.



    A few days after surgery, patients may walk with a helper or with an assistant. To prevent swelling, the legs should be kept elevated. Patients can start walking normally and doing daily routine within 2 weeks.

    The results can last for years. It also can last for a lifetime. Of course, aging and the other reasons that cause body changes can affect permanence. Since solid silicon is used for the operation, long-term problems do not occur.

    Calf augmentation recovery can reveal itself a few days after the surgery, however, full recovery takes between 2 and 8 weeks. The type, and size of the implant, the extent of the surgical operation, and aftercare affect the healing process.

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