Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure applies for improving the abdomen area. People who want to reshape their abdomen consider this cosmetic surgery. It is one of the best operations for the aesthetic appearance of the body after weight loss.

It is an extremely good option for those who cannot get rid of excess fat tissue despite regular exercise and diet. During the surgery, both sagging skin and fat tissues are removed, and loss of elasticity is eliminated.

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    Tummy Tuck Treatment

    After the consultation between the patient and the doctor, the patient is examined, and the medical tests are carried out. For example, how much weight loss happened in how much time is determined. If the reasons for losing weight are not caused by a disease or an illness, if the results of the medical tests do not inhibit the patient from undergoing the operation, the patient is considered suitable for a tummy tuck.

    A tummy tuck is done under general anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. After that, the incision is made. Excess fat and sagged skin between the belly button and the pubic area are removed to obtain improvement in the abdominal area. After the fascia which is a connective tissue is tightened, the skin is repositioned. The incision line is sutured. The length of the incision varies according to the type of tummy tuck, the amount of flabby skin, and excess fat.

    What Is Tummy Tuck?

    A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the cosmetic operations in the category of body aesthetics.

    People who do their best (with exercise and diet) to look fit and get in shape yet cannot achieve this desire get this surgery so that the skin and fat structure is corrected.

    The operation is performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

    Tummy Tuck Recovery Process

    After the incision is tightened with permanent sutures, cut lines are covered with a medical dressing, which may need to be applied regularly for a certain period of time. Special tubes are placed along the incision. It is normal to have pain and swelling on the surgical site. The patient is given painkillers to relieve pain.

    About one and a half months after the operation, the patient wears an abdominal garment. Thanks to this garment (abdominal binder), support is provided to the relevant region. This method speeds up the healing process. The patient should be careful while moving and walking. In the post-operative care process, it is extremely important not to lift heavy things, not to do intense exercises, and to follow all the aftercare instructions recommended by the doctor.

    These will prevent the opening of the wound and offer a more comfortable healing process to patients.

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    If you have excess fat, connective tissue weakness, and a loss of skin elasticity problem around your abdomen area, you can consider undergoing this operation. Losing a lot of weight in a short time, aging, and having abdominal surgery are among the factors that will lead one's to tummy tuck surgery.

    Your surgeon may request from you stop smoking, avoid certain medications like blood thinners, not gain or lose significant weight for at least a year. If you smoke, your doctor will ask you to not smoke both before and after the tummy tuck surgery.

    The sagging skin and excess adipose tissue removed by surgery do not grow back. This operation strengthens your abdomen and provides a more toned and shaped tummy tuck look. These results are long-lasting however you should keep your weight stable.

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