Brow Lift

A brow lift is a very common type of surgery that helps raise eyebrows. People who have sagging brows or asymmetrical brow lines consider applying this operation.

Forehead and soft tissue are lifted for improving the appearance of the related area.

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    What Is A Brow Lift?

    A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery that is done to get a more youthful appearance. Aging and gravity make people look older in time. Because both soft tissue and skin lose their elasticity.

    Wrinkles and frown lines may appear, or brows may sag, and eyebrows may droop. These all affect how one’s looks. The sum of these can make the face look old and tired, and it even forms an angry attitude.

    Brow lift surgery comes into play at this point

    Brow Lift Benefits

    A surgical brow lift helps to reposition the forehead, raise the eyebrows, and correct facial / skin appearance around the relevant area.

    This operation fixes frown lines that are located between the eyebrows, creases in the forehead, and sagging eyebrows.

    It is an important advantage that brow lift improves the entire face by giving more youthful influence.

    How Is A Brow Lift Procedure Performed?

    Brow lift applications may vary depending on the type of treatment.

    Due to the variety of brow lift methods and application areas, both the duration of the operation and the results of recovery after the operation may vary.

    The first stage, as in other cosmetic operations, begins with a consultation. If it is decided that the patient is physically and psychologically suitable for the procedure, the operation date is scheduled.

    The cosmetic surgeon cuts into the skin and applies the aesthetic procedure according to the type of brow lift.

    The type of operation can also be decisive on the brow lift prices.

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    Types of brow lift: Brow lift applications are administered with three different techniques: classical, endoscopic, and limited incision.

    Classic brow lift: This technique, also known as “open brow lift”, can be defined as a continuous incision model. This method is performed by applying one incision across the top of the head. However, depending on the situation, the surgeon may prefer to make a different incision line.

    Endoscopic brow lift: In this technique, unlike classic brow lift, more than 1 incision is made. The tissue is anchored with stitches and that’s how relevant tissue will be permanent for years. Since the incisions are small, this procedure is categorized as one of the less invasive brow lift types.

    Limited incision brow lift: This application combines classic and endoscopic brow lift procedures. A small incision is made to reduce wrinkles around your eye corners.

    Brow Lift Surgery Recovery

    Depending on which eyebrow lifting method is preferred, the healing process varies. Generally, swelling and bruising can be experienced however these will go away in time. After the surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital either the same day or the day after. Based on the patient's health condition, the final decision is made by the doctor.

    Of course, there are some rules that the patient should follow. If you feel pain, you should use medication that your surgeon prescribed. You should take care of incisions so that there is no infection, and you should be aware of possible complications. Bleeding, infection, allergic reaction, tingling, and itching around the brow area are the most common complications. Besides these, following surgery, the patient should keep his / her head elevated for a couple of days. This will reduce the swelling.


    Brow lift surgery is permanent however the factors such as aging and lifestyle may affect the future look. In order to achieve long-term permanence, you can eat healthy, do regular exercises, wear sunglasses, and use natural cosmetic products.

    This process not only makes physical improvement but also increases self-confidence by making the person satisfied with their physical appearance. Since it reduces wrinkles and corrects sagging, people who are performed this operation look younger and refreshed.

    An eyebrow lift is not a painful procedure overall, but it is likely to be experienced bruising and swelling which can cause pain. The side effects will go away so you should be patient about these and follow the doctor’s instructions.

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