Surgery Before Prosthesis

Surgery Before Prosthesis, also known as pre-prosthetic surgery, includes the process before placing implants and such dental prostheses. It embodies the operations that make the intraoral ready for the prosthesis.

It is necessary for the dental prosthesis to fit without any problems, for the mouth area to look natural and for the functional use of the dentures. These operations also help prevent gingiva problems.

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    Scope Of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

    • Jawbone deterioration, namely jaw protrusion and retrognathia is corrected.
    • Areas with nasal bone reduction are reshaped.
    • Vestibuloplasty treatment is performed, which ensures that the lower jaw is corrected and harmonized with the prosthesis.
    • The protrusions on the lobular bones, also called “torus”, are corrected.
    • The frenum is reshaped (this procedure is called frenectomy).
    • Alveoplasty that refers to the reshaping of the alveolar bone is performed.
    • Excess gum tissue is removed. These surgical operations can be performed with the classical or laser method.
    • Impacted teeth are treated.

    Essentially, operations cover all oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures required prior to tooth restoration. These are the procedures performed to make the prostheses ideally compatible with the patient's body. What is meant by this is that the mouth and jaw are functionally and aesthetically ready when the prothesis is placed.

    What Does Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Mean?

    Pre-prosthetic surgery is a procedure that provides a better condition of the relevant areas with before prosthesis applications.

    Both dental hard tissues and soft tissues are corrected.

    It refers the preparation of the oral site before partial and full prosthesis operations.

    The type of the operations performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMF) includes various procedures according to the condition of the intraoral and the type of prosthesis.

    Preprosthetic Surgery Treatment

    Treatment varies according to the type of surgical procedure. For example, Vestibuloplasty and Frenectomy treatments and recovery processes are different from each other. However, it can be said that there are some common factors that should be considered before and after the treatment.

    It is necessary not to smoke for a certain period of time before and after the operation. Because smoking negatively affects the healing process and may cause infection development. Dentists will ask you to stop smoking one month before the surgery. It is also recommended not to smoke for about a month after the operation. The same is true for alcohol use.

    It is important not to use blood thinners during the process. For example, you should stop taking blood thinners. If conditions do not allow this, a different plan can be applied with the knowledge of the dentist.

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    Necessary adjustments are made for the best placement of the prosthesis. Alveolar bone correction, improvement of facial aesthetics, restoration of jaw function, placement of implants in the jaw are the most frequently performed operations.

    The dentist decides for whom Surgery Before Prosthesis treatment will be the solution. The data obtained as a result of consultation, clinical tests, general health control, etc. are decisive in this sense.

    Treatment method and aftercare are decisive in the healing process. Swelling, edema and inflammation may occur after the operations. You can minimize the side effects by using the medicines given by the dentist. You should take care of your oral care and if you undergo an incision surgery, you should brush your teeth by following the instructions.

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