Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch is one of the bariatric surgery methods that combine intestinal bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures.

It is considered the most complicated yet effective weight loss surgery. It can be highly advantageous for people who have severe over-weight problems.

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    Duodenal Switch Treatment

    Before the surgery, a consultation is made between the surgeon and the patient. The patient’s weight, body mass index, health issues, medical background, and such information are obtained at first. Relevant tests are ordered, and the patient's general health status is observed. Psychological screening is another important part of this operation. Since big life changes await the patient after the surgery, she/he must be ready both psychologically and emotionally.

    Through the results of all these, it is decided whether the patient is suitable for surgery. If everything goes well, the operation date is determined. The doctor may want the patient to take some pre-surgery actions.

    What Is Duodenal Switch Surgery?

    The duodenal switch is a bariatric operation that helps to treat morbid obesity.

    It can easily be said that this surgery is very functional for treating Type 2 diabetes.

    The patient’s intestine and stomach are modified by combining two important bariatric operations that are called partial gastrectomy and intestinal bypass.

    Duodenal Switch Procedure

    There are two duodenal switch methods: loop duodenal switch and biliopancreatic diversion. Mainly, during the operation, the part of the stomach is removed with gastrectomy. After that, the small pouch is created and this pouch is connected to the small intestine (the name of the procedure is an intestinal bypass).

    Approximately 60-70% of the stomach is removed and a tube-like shaped stomach is left behind. The intestine is divided with gastric bypass and attached to the ileum. At least two-thirds of the intestine is bypassed. The intestinal bypass starts at the “duodenum” and that’s why this procedure is called the duodenal switch. The patient loses approximately 75-80% of his/her current weight gradually in two years.

    Duodenal Switch Recovery

    Full recovery will be completed over time. After the surgery, you should listen to your surgeon’s instructions. Be serious about the dos and don'ts. You should attend follow-up appointments. These controls will continue for the following 1-2 years. During all this time, your surgeon and his team will monitor your current situation and your progress degree. If everything goes well, you will lose a significant amount of weight in 2 years. You will be asked to use nutritional supplements and you will be examined whether you have malnutrition conditions. These kinds of factors maintain for the rest of your life.


    The results and the possible complications vary from person to person. Typically, the patients are asked to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. They can go back to work after about 14 days. Full recovery is completed on an average of 5 to 6 weeks.

    Before the surgery, your doctor will give you some instructions for experiencing issueless operation and post-operative care period. You should avoid smoking and alcohol use, stop using blood thinners, and change your current eating habit.

    If you suffer from morbid obesity and want to get rid of your excess fat that makes your life way harder, or causes health conditions, you can consider a duodenal switch procedure. The doctor will determine your suitability based on examination.

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