Zirconia Infrastructure Teeth

Zirconia infrastructure restoration is one of the preferred aesthetic dental procedures when a white teeth appearance is not obtained despite regular dental care and professional tooth cleaning.

Zirconia veneer offers a good solution for those who have advanced discoloration problems on their teeth surface.

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    Zirconia Infrastructure Teeth Treatment

    The dentist examines the patient and listens to her / his expectations and complaints. If there is a condition that negatively affects oral and dental health, these are treated first. It is determined how many teeth will be boned with zirconia and these teeth are prepared for the dental veneers. The doctor and patient decide on tooth color. Mouth and tooth measurements are taken and zirconia infrastructure crowns are prepared in the laboratory. In the final stage, artificial teeth that look like natural teeth are cemented to the relevant area.

    The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain or sensitivity during the process. There may be mild tenderness for the first few days, which is rare.

    Zirconia is a solid material. However, leaf cracking may occur due to blows to a face or mouth. A similar situation can be experienced in natural teeth too. Repeating zirconia infrastructure teeth treatment does not damage the tooth tissue. Recommended age for the treatment of zirconia teeth is 18 and older. Because it can be applied after the development of adult teeth and jaw is completed.

    In Which Situations Are Zirconia Veneers Applied?

    • Discoloration problems that cannot be treated with teeth whitening methods,
    • Teeth with advanced discoloration,
    • Fixing tooth gap/cavity problems,
    • Correcting the unesthetic appearance of the old fillings,
    • The process of applying dental bridges to the posterior teeth,
    • Correcting the teeth around the implants,
    • Treating the areas where enamel surface deterioration occurs.

    Dental veneer prices vary according to qualification of dentist, material quality, and number of teeth that will be corrected with this treatment.

    Since zirconium is an expensive material, it can be said that it is more expensive than some types of veneers (for example, porcelain alloys).

    What Are The Advantages Of Zirconia Infrastructure Teeth Treatment?

    Since zirconia teeth are translucent, they have a light transmittance feature.

    Therefore, zirconia resembles natural teeth and offers a natural smile. Also, it does not contain metal alloy.

    Suitable for people with metal sensitivity or allergies.

    There is no gum recession problem experienced in the zirconium veneer, which is compatible with the tooth tissue.

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    Zirconium teeth are not harmful to health. It is one of the types of veneers that are compatible with gums and tooth enamel. It is an extremely good choice for those allergic to the elements in metal alloy veneers and porcelain veneers.

    Zirconia-based teeth are long-lasting. They can be used for an average of 10 - 15 years, which can be longer or shorter. Factors such as the type of zirconium veneer, the success of the application, and oral care are effective on the permanence of the zirconia infrastructure teeth.

    Since the surface of zirconia infrastructure teeth is smooth, discoloration does not occur. The veneer is resistant to many beverages such as coffee and tea, which normally cause stains or tooth discoloration.

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