Vagina Bleching

Women who have issues with their vaginal area prefer external genital bleaching. The main purpose of applying this process is to change the color of the labia minora.

As a result of this, the vulva looks lighter. Just like many other cosmetic surgeries, the desire for vaginal bleaching has been increasing.

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    What Is Vaginal Bleaching?

    Vaginal bleaching is a procedure that aims to lighten the skin of the vulva. There are various methods applied to achieve this goal, that is, having a certain vaginal look.

    Which aesthetic method will be good for you will be determined by the doctor's decision.

    Although it is called vaginal bleaching, it should be added that this medical operation does not apply to the internal.

    Types Of Vaginal Bleaching

    It can easily be said that there are various bleaching methods such as serums, creams, and laser therapies. However, this does not mean that you can decide on your own which method will be applied to you.

    Your doctor (it is very important to prefer a board-certified one) will guide you and decide on the most ideal method for you.

    In the decision-making process, examination, test results, and patient expectations are taken into account.

    How Is Vaginal Bleaching Done?

    Your vaginal site will examine first. Your doctor will inform you about the whole process. He will also listen to your expectations and complaints. As we mentioned above, there is a variety of methods that can be applied. Because both natural and chemical skin lightening products can be used for this.

    This means that the treatment process varies according to which procedure will be performed. For example, if laser treatment is applied to the inner lips of the vulva, the relevant site will be anesthetized. It is ensured that your vulva skin tone is similar in color to the rest of your body and your labia pigmentation is changed.


    What Happens After The Vaginal Bleaching Procedure?

    If you receive laser therapy, it is more likely that you will experience some post-operative side effects. But you will not feel pain during the operation because the vulva region is numbed before beginning to apply laser treatment. Vaginal bleaching may cause:

    • Pain,
    • Tenderness,
    • Irritation,
    • Scarring,
    • Thinning of the skin.

    Your vaginal flora may also be negatively affected by these applications. So, you should consult with a specialist. The main advantage of having a vagina whitening procedure is that it helps you feel better psychologically. It can be said that it increases self-confidence because it makes you feel better in your private life and in harmony with your body.


    There are several reasons. There may be both natural and hormonal reasons behind the occurrence of this condition. Menopause and pregnancy are among the first to come to mind and these are known as the leading causes.

    It is preferred for the purpose of whitening and brightening the labia minora. If the vulva has darkened over time or has a genetically dark appearance (compared to the rest of your body), women may consider vaginal bleaching.

    If the vulva area and the general skin color of the body are not compatible, bleaching is applied. This procedure is mostly performed in order to reduce or eliminate the color difference and lighten the relevant region.

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