Breast Lift

Mastopexy is an operation that is done with the aim of gaining a more youthful appearance for patients who thinks they need their breasts should be lifted. During the operation, nipples are repositioned higher on the chest wall and saggy skin is removed.

People who consider this operation mostly wonder “how to prepare for breast lift surgery and how does mastopexy affect breastfeeding”. You can find answers to related topics in this article.

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    Breast Lift Surgery Treatment

    Since breast lift is a surgical operation that helps to correct sagging breast look and specific surgical techniques are used during the process. It can be said that the surgery has similarities with breast reduction operation. However, the extend and detailed techniques are different. To give breasts rounder and more youthful look, a surgeon reshapes the related area by tightening the tissue and removing excess skin.

    This surgery can be performed with using different procedures. Surgeon decides which technique will be used based upon the patient’s physical condition, expectations and breast type.

    What Does Breast Lift Means?

    Breast lift, also called mastopexy is a procedure applied to raise the breasts.

    In order to create more contoured, firmer breast-look, excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is tightened.

    The need for breast lift can be caused for various reasons such as aging, breastfeeding, genetics, and pregnancy.


    The patient is informed about the general process.

    After consultation between the patient and the doctor, the doctor checks the patient's breast tissue, areola and nipples and the surgeon also runs medical tests such as mammography and ultrasound.

    As a result of the examinations, the degree of sagging is determined.

    Before the procedure, the surgeon may ask the patient to stop using certain medications like blood thinner and also inform them about to dos and don’ts.

    It is sufficient for the patient to follow the doctor's instructions before the operation.

    Meme Dikleştirme Ameliyatı

    Operation Period

    • The new position of the nipple is determined, and the relevant area is marked by the surgeon.
    • Procedure is applied under sedation or general anesthesia thus the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the treatment.
    • An incision around the areola is made. The surgeon reshapes the breasts and corrects areolas position based on the new breast shape.
    • If the breast is large, the tissue is removed, if the breast is small, a silicone-based prosthesis is placed.
    • If there is any excess skin, surgeon will remove it to give breasts a firmer look.
    • Incisions are closed with surgical instruments such as stitches and surgical tapes.

    Breast Lift Recovery Period

    The surgery takes approximately 2 to 3 hours; however, the breast lift operation duration may vary according to factors like techniques, patient's health condition and number of procedures to be applied.

    Recovery after mastopexy is mostly issueless. There will be mild or moderate pain while moving. Surgeon may prescribe painkillers for relieving the discomfort. After the surgery, patient may be asked to walk around the hospital room. Patient is mostly discharged from the hospital the next day however this time can change.

    It is recommended not to have a bath before 3 or 4 days have passed and not to do daily routine first couple of days. In the early period of healing, bruising may occur, but these will be gone away soon.


    Breast lift surgery costs vary according to type of the procedure, the number of additional operations, surgeon’s skill. You can contact your doctor to find out the average prices.

    It is possible to breastfeed after breast lift surgery. Ability to breastfeed may preserve but the type of the procedure has an effect over this experience. Your surgeon will give you the right answer.

    Breast lift results may last for years. It can be said that results last for ten to fifteen years on average. In some cases, patients can prefer to repeat the mastopexy procedure.

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