Smile Design

Smile design includes methods applied to obtain a natural and impressive smile. It is possible to correct and maintain oral/dental health, and to have a remarkable smile with these operations.

Since personal expectations and aesthetic requirements vary, a special smile design is made for each candidate. In this respect, smile aesthetic methods also have a wide range of services.

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    Smile Design Treatment Methods

    Smile design has a wide range of treatments. Genetic features, personal expectations, anatomical differences, lifestyle, and even life experiences may require different methods. Although the reasons for the need for smile treatment vary, the most common issues encountered are:

    • Cracked tooth,
    • Extracted tooth,
    • Discolored tooth,
    • Physical traumas,
    • Hereditary dental abnormalities,
    • Gum-related dental problems,
    • Wrong dental operations,
    • Lack of oral care.

    While the treatment of a single problem may be sufficient for some patients, multiple dental aesthetic applications may be necessary in some cases. The dental problem will be determined as a result of the examination and tests run by the dentist, and the dentist will decide on the most ideal method for the patient.

    The most preferred dental aesthetic methods:

    • Dental Veneers,
    • Teeth whitening,
    • Orthodontic treatments,
    • Implant
    • Dental Prosthesis procedures
    • Hollywood Smile
    • Filling applications

    How Is Smile Designing Done?

    The dentist:

    • Examines the patient
    • Listens to the patient's expectations and complaints,
    • Request a detailed analysis of the mouth, teeth, jaw, and face,
    • Makes planning paying regard to the age and gender of the patient,
    • Tells the patient in detail what can be done during the smile design process,
    • Provides information about smile design prices.
    • During the treatment, the patient's teeth and intraoral are measured. Using these, modeling is prepared in a dental laboratory and the methods to be applied are planned according to this modeling. The design that will be ideal for the facial shape of the person is prepared with special software on the computer and these are shared with the patient. After the determined dental aesthetic methods are applied, the treatment ends.


    Hollywood Smile is one of the most preferred smile design applications. This procedure aims to give the person an aesthetic smile like that of "Hollywood" stars. It is ensured that the intraoral parts look perfectly compatible with each other, and the ideal harmony of the mouth and teeth with the face is also within the scope of Hollywood Smile aesthetics.

    The duration of oral and dental aesthetics varies according to both the method to be applied and whether another procedure will be performed before the smile design. For example, if treatments such as root canal treatment, tooth cleaning, and decayed tooth repair will be done before the dental veneer, the time will be slightly longer.

    The dentist may consider it necessary to make various preliminary corrections as a result of tests and examinations. For example, teeth cleaning, tooth decay treatment, gum recession treatment, and orthodontic treatments may need to be performed.

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