Post-Bariatric Surgery

Post-bariatric surgery embodies the treatment after the bariatric operation which is a losing weight procedure with the help of surgery. It is done to people who lost a significant amount of weight.

This is an advantageous cosmetic surgery option for both men and women who have lost a lot of weight after bariatric operation and have a significant amount of loose tissue and skin remaining on their bodies.

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    How Is Post-Bariatric Operation Done?

    Before post-bariatric procedures are applied, the patient's general health status is examined with consideration of the date she had a bariatric operation. During this period, the surgeon may run some tests to evaluate the general condition of the body.

    The consultation process takes the first place. The patient’s expectations and concerns are listened to.

    After explaining the process and answering the questions that come up to her / his mind with details, surgery is scheduled.

    Of course, the final decision is made by the doctor and patient's consensus however, the results should fit with the general requirements of post-bariatric surgery.

    A patient will be informed about the before, during, and after the operation.

    At that point, it is important to explain one of the popular post bariatric surgery procedures:

    • Arm lift
    • Thigh lift,
    • Tummy tuck,
    • Body lift,
    • Breast lift,
    • Breast enlargement,
    • Leg lift,
    • Buttock lift,
    • Face and neck lift.

    What Is A Post-Bariatric Surgery?

    Post-bariatric surgery offers a good solution to the "How do I get rid of excess weight" question, which is one of the most curious subjects of people who have lost excess weight and want to change their saggy skin body look.

    Post-bariatric surgery is one of the most preferred methods in terms of treating the obesity problem caused by the imbalance between calories taken and burned. With the rapid loss of weight, the skin loses its elasticity and as a result, the body cannot return to its original form, and that's how sagging occurs.

    In addition, the large skin area before intense weight loss also shrinks, which also causes sagging all over the body.

    The post-bariatric process defines operations performed to change this appearance and re-shape the body after weight loss surgery.

    Post-Bariatric Surgery Recovery Process

    The healing process may vary according to various factors.

    The patient's medical history, and post-operative care have a direct effect on recovery.

    The type and number of operations are among the determinants in the recovery process of the patient.

    Taking food supplements, eating healthy, and doing the recommended physical moves also speed up the healing.



    Post-bariatric surgery can be performed six months later if the general health status of the patient is good enough, the goal weight has been reached, and the weight has been fixed at a certain scale.

    The length of stay in the hospital is determined by the doctor and may vary depending on the type of surgery or surgeries performed.

    You may be asked to start to take or continue to use additional food supplements depending on the medical test results, and general health examination. It may be recommended to continue the process in cooperation with a nutritionist.

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