No Touch Laser (Eye Laser Surgery)

No touch laser is popular surgery applied to correct vision problems. The eyes are operated with lasers to reshape the cornea. This procedure's main goal is to fix focusing problems in people who have astigmatism issues, or who are farsighted or nearsighted.

There are many methods to fix such problems, but the advantage of this application is that it is done without touching the eye. It is an extremely good choice for people who do not like to be touched by the eye and those with thin corneas.

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    How Is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

    The first stage of no-touch laser treatment is an eye examination. The patient's eye structure is examined, his / her medical history is researched, and his / her complaints are listened to.

    If all goes well, the operation date is scheduled. In the first stage of the procedure, special anesthetic eye drops have instilled the eyes. Thus, the patient does not feel pain or tenderness during the operation. Two lasers are used in the operation. The flap is opened on the corneal surface with the first laser. Second laser reshapes the cornea underneath.

    Special rays came from laser devices are applied to the eye, there is no device in direct contact with the eye. The patient is asked to look only at a certain point. The process is completed in a very short time. No incision is made in the cornea. Both eyes can be treated in the same session.

    What Is Eye Laser Surgery?

    Questions such as "What does no touch laser mean", "Can eye laser surgery be applied to everyone" or "Is no touch laser a painful procedure" are frequently asked.

    First, it should be reminded that eye laser surgery is applied without touching the eyes.

    This qualification is distinctive because it distinguishes no-touch laser application from classical methods.

    Healing Process After Eye Laser Surgery

    Eye laser surgery is not categorized as a major operation. Of course, experience is a must, and qualification is essential, but patients mostly don’t face excessive side effects. Since eyes are not covered with bandages, patients can go back home with their eyes wide open. For post-surgery protection, patients are asked to wear UC-protecting sunglasses. After no touch laser operation, some patients may feel discomfort within a couple of days.

    Other side effects that patients can experience:

    • Dry eyes,
    • Minimal bruises around the eyes,
    • Blurred vision,
    • Redness in and around the eyes,
    • Tingling feeling in eyes.
    lazer göz ameliyatı

    Most of these side effects occur in the first couple of days and from the 4th day, the side effects will lessen. After a week, patients usually return to their daily life. Clear vision and full recovery begin between 15 and 30 days.


    It is recommended not to look at the computer screen for the first few days, to wear UV protective glasses, not to drive during the first week and not to look directly at the sun rays. Also, water should not get in your eyes for a week.

    Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are the main application areas of this method, so it is a good option for people who cannot see far and near. In addition, eye laser surgery can be performed even on thin corneas.

    There are 3 types of eye laser surgery which are SMILE, LASIK and Surface Laser treatments. All these techniques aim to reshape the cornea. Which method is suitable for you will become clear after doctor's examination.

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