Arm Lift Surgery

An arm lift surgery defines a cosmetic procedure that will gain the patient a more shaped and aesthetic upper arm appearance. In this cosmetic surgical process, loose skin and excess sagging parts are removed, as a result of this, the upper arm area becomes more strengthened and looks smoother.

Arm lift surgery, also known as Brachioplasty, is one of the most researched subjects by people who are not satisfied with their upper arm areas. “What causes fat upper arms?” or “can batwing arms be fixed?” kinds of questions are commonly asked. You can find all the answers about what is arm lift surgery, how to prepare for surgery, and how the recovery process works.

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    What Are The Factors That Lead To Arm Lift Surgery?

    There are several reasons for this condition to appear. Decreasing arm muscle tone, aging, genetic factors, and intentional or unintentional weight loss are the first things that come to mind when examining the causes. As you get older, upper arm skin becomes saggier. Gain weight and also lose significant weight cause your upper arms to look flabby. For example, when you gain a lot of weight, your skin starts to stretch, and this effect increases over time.

    In a similar manner, when you lose a lot of weight, your skin may start to lose elasticity because of cannot be able to adapt to the new shape. These negative results can be seen clearer and more explicitly in people who have lost or gained excessive weight in a short period of time. Excessive weight loss situations can be easily observed in patients who have had weight loss surgery aka bariatric surgery.

    At this point, it should be added that doing exercise is so important to rebuild and reshape the body. However, in some cases, workouts cannot be enough, or achieving dreamed arm look appearance requires so much more time and effort. This is where the arm lift operation comes into play.

    What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

    Arm lift aka Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces extra skin, removes unwanted extra fat, and fixes sagging under-arm zones.

    Also, it makes arm tissues tighten. Consequently, the patients’ upper arms have a better contour and look more toned.

    The flabby arms look which is sometimes called “bat wings” is gone away.

    Getting rid of the sagging skin look gives people self-confidence.

    All of these help people to raise their quality of life, for sure.

    Although the causes of upper arm sagging vary, arm lift surgery is one of the best methods for effective results.

    This cosmetic operation becomes more important considering the situation cannot be fixed through workouts.

    What Are The Brachioplasty Treatment Steps?

    It is fair and square for people who want to have this operation to wonder about the steps. With technological developments and expert health workers, the whole process goes ideally. You can find the steps related to the arm lifting process below in order:

    • At first, patients’ complaints and expectations are listened to, and then the planning is made by agreeing.
    • The operation is applied mostly in general anesthesia or sedation. The best method is determined for the patient by the doctor.
    • The incision is made on the relevant areas that are mostly on the inside or back of the arm. The applications can change depending on the patient's situation and the doctor’s preferences.
    • The incision can be extended or limited. “Inner”, “minimal”, or “back of” arm incision applications can be done with sutures.
    • Excess fat can be removed with the liposuction method.
    • The incisions are closed with stitches, and then the healing process starts.

    How Is The Arm Lift Healing Process?

    From preparation to recovery, the patient should obey the doctors’ advice and instructions. After the operation, incision stitches are removed within 1-2 weeks. Of course, the present condition of the patient can affect this stitch-removal process. The results can be seen after the surgery. Tone and contour changes can also be seen right after however, bruising, swelling, and scars remain for a while. A patient stays in the hospital one night. The approximate time can also change. The surgeon explains possible side effects and what the patient should do during the recovery period.


    Brachioplasty results are long-lasting. But aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, or a lack of practicing self-care may cause sagging. Patients make the results more permanent by doing exercise and eating healthy.

    The patients can feel pain the first few days after the procedure. This can be gotten under control with prescribed medicine that should only be taken within the doctor’s knowledge. After a while, the pain will go away completely.

    Giving the exact arm lift surgery recovery time is not quite possible yet not realistic. Skin condition, medical background, post-operation care, health status, the scope of the operation, etc. can have an effect on the healing process. However, it can be said that the healing process can take more or less 3 weeks.

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