Vaginoplasty is a procedure that basically helps to repair a vagina. Vaginal injuries can be treated with this surgical operation. People who suffer from pelvic floor diseases can prefer vaginoplasty.

Also, if you have vaginal complications that occurred after childbirth you can prefer this procedure. Another important aspect that makes vaginoplasty distinctive is that vaginal construction can be performed within the scope. Transgender individuals undergo this surgery during their gender identity process.

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    Vaginoplasty Treatment

    Before the medical procedure, a consultation is arranged between you and the healthcare professional. In order to understand whether there is a condition that will prevent the operation, the doctor examines you and may request various laboratory tests. He takes into account your psychological well-being and also examines your medical history. If the results of all these meet the necessary conditions for the surgery, the day of the operation is decided. As a result of the findings and examination results, the doctor may also find it appropriate to perform labiaplasty or vulvoplasty, which are other vaginal procedures.

    The surgery techniques and results change according to the procedure to be applied. For example, congenital defect repairment steps are different from vaginal injuries that happened during childbirth. In vaginoplasty surgery to repair giving birth-related damage, excess skin is first removed and then sagging tissues are sutured. The vaginal opening size is reduced. The main purpose of repairing genital problems is to restore functionality to the vagina.

    Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Vaginoplasty?

    Vaginoplasty treatment can be preferred for several reasons. Genital conditions carry the risk of negatively affecting people's psychology. And as we all know that mental health is extremely important in terms of self-confidence and personal development.

    Those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their vagina may experience various problems in their social life as well as in their private life. Post-childbirth defects, vaginal traumas, injuries, radiation damages, and congenital abnormalities can be treated thanks to vaginoplasty. If you have one of these, or if you need gender identity surgery, you may consider this surgery.

    Vaginoplasty Recovery

    After the vaginoplasty surgery, healthcare providers take you to the PACU where you will wait till waking up from anesthesia. When you transfer to the hospital room, your surgeon will monitor you to see whether any complication appears.

    • The medical dressing is applied to the relevant area.
    • You will use a special medical bladder for draining urine.
    • A special tube called a surgical drain is put in to remove fluids on the surgical site.
    • Dressing and drains will be removed on the second or third day after the operation.
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    Paying attention to post-operative care, listening to the instructions of the healthcare team, and participating in the doctor's controls without interruption promise a comfortable recovery process.

    Vaginoplasty helps to treat vaginal defects that are caused during the childbirth process. It also helps transgender individuals with gender affirmation surgery. In this respect, it is extremely important in terms of both functionality and aesthetic appearance. Being at peace with one's own body also makes him/her feel good psychologically.

    You should avoid smoking. It is not recommended that do strenuous exercises or taking bath at least for 4-5 weeks. You also should avoid sexual intercourse for 11 to 12 weeks.

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