Total Prosthesis

Total prosthesis application describes a procedure that includes moving / removable dentures. Unlike fixed models, the patient can easily insert and remove moving plate whenever he or she wants.

Thanks to the developing technologies and the richness of the main material, you can have prosthetic teeth that look natural and quickly adapt to the mouth.

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    Suitability For Total Prosthesis Procedure

    The doctor can give the ideal answer to questions such as "How can a total prosthesis be made special for me" or how do I know if I am suitable for a total denture? As a result of the examination and observation, the patient's suitability for total dental prosthesis is determined by the dentist. However, there are certain criteria for having these devices:

    • The patient must be toothless,
    • The jawbone should be suitable for the prosthesis,
    • The patient should not have oral allergies
    • The patient should not have advanced deformity in the jawbone.
    • These all are required. People who are not suitable for these dental devices can consider other methods.

    What Does Total Prosthesis Mean?

    Total dentures also known as complete dentures are removable medical materials that are applied to both the upper and lower jaws in cases of tooth loss.

    Total replacement is done by taking support from existing tissue.

    It helps to repair damage caused by problems such as tooth decay, physical trauma, or osteolysis.

    In addition to this definition, which answers the question of what are the benefits of the total prosthesis, it should be noted that prosthesis offer a better smile aesthetic and provide a younger facial appearance.

    Total Prosthesis Examination Process

    Total prosthesis treatment is applied after the results of various examinations. First, it is decided what kind of prosthesis the patient can have. During the consultation phase, the patient's expectations and complaints are listened to, and questions are answered by the dentist. Information is also given about the types of prosthesis.

    It is important to clarify whether the current condition of the patient is suitable for the operations. In this regard, x-rays of the patient's chin and face region are taken. When it is decided he or she is suitable for the total prosthesis, which is one of the removable denture types, the patient's mouth measurement is taken. Tooth color tone, tooth texture, and tooth alignment design are determined.

    The obtained data is transmitted to the dental laboratory, where the removable total prosthesis is prepared. The doctor examines the dental plates on the patient. If necessary, adjustments are.

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    What To Know About Total Prosthesis?

    It is extremely important to follow the doctor's instructions about complete denture use and total prosthesis care. Patients with dentures can wear their teeth on the same day after the operation. Jaw bone ratio effects the comport of use. In the first use, a feeling of discomfort may occur around the cheek and lip area, especially when biting and chewing. However, as time passes, these effects go away.

    Denture cleaning is another extremely important topic. It is recommended to wash dentures with the help of a brush so that the removable total denture stays clean. It is essential to pay attention to prosthesis cleaning in order not to wear out the dentures. If dentures wear out, oral hygiene problems or infections or even accidents may occur. In addition, you should not clean the denture with boiling water, do not use conventional toothpastes, remove the denture at night and keep it in its special container.


    It would not be logical to give an exact or average price for the total prosthesis cost. These procedures vary from person to person. Various factors directly affect the price, including material preference, application time, type of denture, and additional dental repair requirements. You can get a reasonable answer only after a dentist's examination.

    Complete dentures can be used for a long time. However, a plate-tissue compatibility problem may occur if the patient gains excess or loses a lot of weight. In addition, factors such as osteoporosis and physical trauma can also affect the dentures' lifespan

    Total prosthesis application is completed in approximately 5 sessions. Since there will be day gaps between these sessions, the average duration is around 15 days. It should be added that there may be changes in the duration depending on the dental tissue and the physical sensitivity of the patient.

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