Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty aka Corrective Nasal Surgery” is the process of having a repeat rhinoplasty surgery for people who have had rhinoplasty before.

The term "revision" is used to define the second or more rhinoplasty surgeries. Before explaining this procedure, it is necessary to briefly mention rhinoplasty.

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    What Is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical operation performed to change the shape of the nose or treat nasal problems. It is preferred for functional problems, aesthetic preferences, or both. For example, people may get rhinoplasty surgery to breathe better or to change the nasal angle.

    With rhinoplasty, the shape and size of the nose can be changed; Breathing problems caused by physical trauma, injury, birth defect, or genetic factors can be eliminated.

    Rhinoplasty prices vary according to the type of procedure to be performed and the extent of the operation. It is possible to say that rhinoplasty surgery provides many advantages. These applications increase the person's daily life, sleep quality, and self-confidence.

    What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

    Revision rhinoplasty refers to operations performed on people who have had rhinoplasty before but want to repeat this procedure for various reasons. Sometimes the re-operation is done because the patient is not satisfied with the results, in some cases it is repeated because the internal function problems are not resolved.

    Revision Rhinoplasty Treatment Process

    Patient-Doctor consultation is extremely important. The doctor listens to the patient's complaints, examines the history of nasal surgery, evaluates the patient's current health status, and requests medical tests.

    If the treatment will be continued with the same doctor who performed the first surgery, a similar consultation process is followed.

    Revision rhinoplasty treatment procedures vary according to the method to be applied, and it can be more complex than previous rhinoplasty operations, however, in some cases, corrective nasal surgeries can be easier than the primary “nose job”. How the process will continue depends on the operation technique and the type of rhinoplasty.

    Revizyon Rinoplasti (burun estetiği) ameliyatı

    At first, incisions are made, and then nasal skin is separated from inner nasal parts which are cartilage and nasal bone. The operation is continued according to the surgery type to be applied to the patient. Finally, incisions are closed, and the revision rhinoplasty surgery is completed. This procedure defines invasive nasal surgery steps. The process can work differently in non-surgical applications and non-invasive procedures.

    Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

    Healing and full recovery processes vary according to the type of revision rhinoplasty. For example, non-surgical procedures and less invasive operations can heal faster than major surgeries. Some patients recover in 7 months, while others may take more than 1 year to recover. Patients often experience mild or moderate pain, swelling, and bruising.

    The nasal splint is removed in approximately 7 days. Side effects such as bruising, and swelling disappear within 1-2 weeks. After the surgery, it is essential for you to follow your doctor's instructions and not miss the follow-up appointments, in order to experience a comfortable recovery process.


    You should not do intense exercises for a while, you should be careful while cleaning your nose and brushing your teeth, you should not wear sunglasses and you should not go into the pool or sea before the recovery is complete.

    Revision rhinoplasty is performed when aesthetic or structural problems need to be corrected after primal rhinoplasty surgery. If large, medium, or small-scale structural/functional problems have occurred, or if the person is not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of his/her nose after full recovery, rhinoplasty can be performed.

    It is not possible to give a certain answer about the revision rhinoplasty surgery time. Factors such as the type of operation, the physical condition of the patient, and the complexity of the application directly affect the duration. However, on average, it can be said that operation duration can vary from 2 hours to 5 hours.

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