Aesthetic Fillings

The aesthetic filling is a cosmetic procedure that helps obtain a more natural and aesthetic smile design. Composite resins are used in this application that reshapes damaged, decayed teeth, and fixes dental malocclusion.

This special material steps forward with its compatibility with the tooth. Dental filling applied teeth are indistinguishable from natural teeth, which significantly increases the preference for aesthetic fillings.

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    How Is Aesthetic Filling Treatment Performed?

    The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The area to be filled is locally anesthetized. The filling material is then shaped to fit totally into the tooth cavity. Bevel is done to the teeth. Beveling is a type of dental surface expansion process and the edges of the filling are getting rounded and smoothened for the strong bonding of the filling to the tooth tissue. The filling material is then placed in the tooth cavity. The treatment method may vary depending on the source of the problem.

    • Filling the cavities,
    • Bleaching (Teeth Whitening),
    • Closing the gaps between teeth,
    • Correcting aesthetic problems caused by gum recession issues, can be done with the help of aesthetic fillings. When whitening methods do not work, the teeth can be covered with an aesthetic filling. First, the tooth surface is roughened, and then filling is applied.

    Pre-Aesthetic Filling Process

    Before starting the aesthetic filling process, which is applied without damaging the tooth, tissue, and gingiva, the patient's tooth structure is examined, his complaints are listened to, and dental-related tests are performed. It is checked whether the problem will be solved with aesthetic fillings, and it is determined whether the tooth needs a different operation before filling. Then the treatment phase begins.

    • If there are tooth enamel and gingival problems, these are cured before applying dental fillers.
    • If there is a decayed tooth, first of all, decayed tooth treatment is performed, if the dentist deems it necessary, he does root canal treatment.
    • Tartar, tooth stain, tooth discoloration, etc. problems are solved.
    • If an aesthetic filling is to be done for gaps between teeth, these areas are measured.

    Highlights About Aesthetic Fillings

    Dental fillings serve the purpose of obtaining a more aesthetic smile aesthetic. Not being satisfied with the appearance of the oral and dental look can negatively affect one's psychology.

    It can be exhausting not to be able to laugh freely or to feel urged to cover teeth with hands while smiling. In this sense, aesthetic fillings allow people to feel psychological well-being.

    Another advantage is that it increases tooth functionality. For example, cavities in your teeth can cause difficulties while eating and drinking, because foods get stuck in cavities or between teeth gaps.

    Dental fillings prevent such problems and provide advantages both physically and psychologically.

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    Aesthetic filling applications can now be done extremely quickly and safely, thanks to developing dental technologies. Although the aesthetic filling length varies depending on the number of teeth to be filled and the tooth condition, it can typically be completed in a single session. Choosing an experienced dentist is extremely important.

    Amalgam fillings are also known as "silver fillings". Amalgam fillings that do not resemble natural tooth color can be replaced with aesthetic fillings, that is, with fillings that look like natural tooth form, in a single session.

    Using the fillings according to the dentist's recommendations, paying attention to oral care, and going to periodic check-ups are enough for many years of trouble-free use.

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