Prominent Ear Surgery is usually performed during childhood and its purpose is to correct the shape and size of the ear, improve hearing function or provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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What is Prominent Ear Operation?

Prominent ear surgery is a correction procedure performed when the auricle is more curved or larger than normal. It is usually performed to correct prominent ear deformities caused by congenital or traumatic injuries.

During the operation, the skin and cartilage structure of the auricle are reshaped, giving the ear head a more natural appearance. This procedure can increase the patient's self-confidence and contribute positively to their social life. Prominent ear surgery should be performed by specialist plastic surgeons and is usually performed under local anesthesia. The results are usually permanent and patient satisfaction is high.

What are the Most Effective Surgical Methods for Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

One of the most effective surgical methods for prominent ear surgery is classic prominent ear surgery to create the antihelix fold and remove excess cartilage tissue. In this method, the shape and position of the ear cartilage is changed to make the ear less protruding.

Another method is prominent ear aesthetic surgeries performed with minimally invasive techniques, especially sutureless or suture-reduced techniques. In these techniques, the desired aesthetic results are tried to be achieved with minimal intervention to the cartilage structure. The method to be used depends on the patient's ear structure, expectations and the surgeon's preferences.

What is the Recovery Process After Prominent Ear Surgery?

The recovery process after prominent ear surgery usually follows a certain schedule, although it varies from individual to individual. Mild pain, swelling and bruising are normal in the first days after surgery. In this process, painkillers and cold compresses recommended by the doctor can help.

An important point in the healing process is regular postoperative dressing and keeping the operation area clean. During the first few weeks, it is important for patients to keep their head elevated when lying down and sleeping.

This helps to reduce swelling and accelerate healing. The time to return to normal daily activities usually ranges from a few days to a week, but it is recommended to avoid intense physical activity. Full recovery usually takes between six weeks and three months, during which time stitches may also need to be removed.

It is important to consult a doctor immediately if any worrying symptoms are experienced. In the postoperative period, the patient can experience a faster and smoother recovery by following the doctor's recommendations and acting carefully.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Prominent Ear Operation?

Since prominent ear surgery is a medical procedure, there are certain precautions to be taken before and after the operation. These precautions are very important for the successful completion of the operation and acceleration of the healing process. Here are the things to consider before and after prominent ear operation:

Before Operation:

  • Doctor Check: Always consult a doctor before the operation. An expert plastic surgeon evaluates the suitability of the surgery and determines the most appropriate treatment plan for you.
  • Preoperative Tests: Have all tests ordered by your doctor. Tests such as blood tests, imaging scans or ECG are necessary to assess your general health.
  • Stress Management: Try to manage stress before the operation. Relaxing techniques and exercises can help you become mentally healthier.

After the Operation

  • Rest: Get enough rest after the operation. Restrict your activities for the period recommended by your doctor and get help when necessary.
  • Medication: Take medication regularly as recommended by your doctor. Painkillers or antibiotics are important to support the healing process.
  • Wound Care: Follow wound care instructions carefully. Keep the wound area clean and use creams or dressings recommended by your doctor.
  • Report to Doctor: If you notice any abnormalities or have any problems during the healing process, contact your doctor immediately. If there are any problems, do the regular check-ups recommended by your doctor.

These items to be considered before and after prominent ear surgery are very important for a successful recovery process. If you have any concerns or problems, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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