You may have already noticed that the common point of all celebrities, from the royal family to Hollywood stars, is the perfect smile. Pearly white shiny teeth, which are the main reason why many celebrities shine like stars, from Zac Efron to Nicki Minaj, from Cardi B. to Miley Cyrus, directly affect the aesthetic appearance. That's why it's called the "Hollywood Smile" and it's becoming more and more popular with anyone who wants to have dazzlingly beautiful teeth.

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What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a popular application today, especially preferred by celebrities. This aesthetic dental application, named after the attention of Hollywood stars, can be applied to anyone who wants to have a perfect smile. Basically, it changes the shape, color and brightness of the teeth, making them look more ordered and neat. Ultimately, it aims to give the person a bright, white and beautiful mouth structure. At the same time, it helps to prevent the loss of self-confidence that may occur due to intraoral irregularities.

However, there are certain features that the application must have in order to be called Hollywood Smile. These are as follows:

  • Symmetry of the upper front teeth and appearance of all teeth up to the upper molars
  • Maximum 2 mm of the upper gums visible
  • The upper incisors are more prominent than the other teeth
  • Absence of filling applications in teeth
  • Appearance of lower incisors while smiling
  • Lips are symmetrical and lip width is proportional to face width

Since each individual's tooth structure, skin color and aesthetic perception are different, the results obtained with Hollywood Smile, which has certain standards, are unique. Therefore, application details are suitable for customization.

For What Purpose Is Hollywood Smile Applied?

Hollywood Smile aims to have a unique and unique smile regardless of beauty standards. Therefore, it can be arranged according to personal wishes and general facial structure. Hollywood Smile, which makes teeth look healthier and brighter, is not just a simple teeth whitening process.

Rather, it is accomplished by applying a number of different procedures. So it can serve different purposes such as:

  • Having symmetrical and proportional teeth
  • Gaining an aesthetically beautiful smile
  • Having a harmonious appearance with the nose, chin, lips and other facial parts
  • Getting rid of unhealthy teeth and gum structure
  • To eliminate self-confidence problems that may arise due to bad mouth structure

Who Is Hollywood Smile Suitable For?

Although the Hollywood Smile is common among celebrities, it can be applied to anyone who needs it. Since the process steps are shaped according to the wishes and needs of the person, anyone who is not satisfied with their smile can gain a perfect appearance with this application. Basically, anyone who complains about their smile and has factors that prevent smiling in the tooth structure is suitable for a Hollywood smile.

  • Those who want their teeth to look white and bright,
  • with split and crooked teeth,
  • Insufficient or incorrect bite force,
  • Having irregular fractures in the mouth,
  • Wanting to increase smile symmetry and effect,
  • Those who cannot smile comfortably in public and cannot show their teeth

Everyone can have ideal smiles with Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile Process Steps

The mouth, face and jaw structure of everyone who applies to the dentist for Hollywood smile design is unique. Therefore, the resulting appearance is also unique. The Hollywood Smile procedure, which aims to achieve the most suitable smile for the person in general, is planned according to the tooth and lip support of the person.

As a result of a detailed examination in which personal wishes and needs are taken into account, which procedures will be decided, if necessary, treatments such as filling and wisdom tooth extraction are applied before the aesthetic design. With the help of modern technologies, the final look is modeled, so that the person can have the smile they want. The most used Hollywood Smile applications are listed as follows:

Laminate Veneer

Laminate veneers, also known as porcelain teeth, are very thin dental veneers. These veneers, which are preferred in the desired color, are used by sticking to the front surface of the teeth and play a major role in smile aesthetics. It also helps regulate the color, size, alignment and shape of the teeth. Thanks to the natural appearance of the material in terms of color and shape, a bright smile is obtained in the mouth. It can be used for 10-15 years with regular maintenance.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, which is one of the important steps of smile design, is applied to bring the teeth to the desired whiteness. It can be done using various methods according to the needs of the person, and the effect lasts for several months. For this reason, it should be repeated at regular intervals in order to maintain general oral health and aesthetic appearance.

Composite Coating

Composite coating, which is made of the same material as conventional dental fillings, is a simple process due to this feature. At the same time, it has a high intraoral compatibility and can be designed according to the person. It is generally used to change the color or shape of the tooth without damaging the teeth, to remove an existing defect and to give an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, it can often be preferred in Hollywood Smile treatments.

Implant Treatment

Implant treatment is a process that is applied in the form of adding tiny titanium pieces that act as tooth roots into the jawbone. It is generally used to support the aesthetic treatments to be applied later in cases where there are tooth gaps that cannot be removed with normal fillings. Thus, it provides a functional solution to people who do not have teeth in the mouth. After the completion of the implant placement, the desired aesthetic treatment can be easily performed in the area.

Hollywood Smile; It is an individual-optimized treatment where even the smallest detail is considered. It is applied according to various design criteria and is shaped according to the patient's taste. Therefore, it is best to have pearly rows and bright teeth. If you want to have similar teeth with names such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj or Zac Efron, you can contact us.

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