The swallowable gastric balloon is a new generation obesity treatment that takes place in the form of a special capsule in pill form by swallowing it with water and placing it in the stomach of the patient and does not require any endoscopy or anesthesia.

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Non-Surgical Weight Loss with Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Reliable surgical operations are used in the treatment of rapidly increasing obesity worldwide. However, there are more innovative treatment methods that are preferred if the person does not want to go under the knife or receive anesthesia.

The swallowable gastric balloon, which is one of them, is at the forefront of obesity treatment options, especially since it does not require surgery and keeps patient comfort high. With the new generation gastric balloon procedure, patients can easily lose weight.

What is a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

Swallowable gastric balloon; It is a new generation obesity treatment that takes place in the form of a special capsule in pill form by swallowing it with water and placing it in the stomach of the patient and does not require any endoscopy or anesthesia. For this reason, it is also called “pill balloon” and offers an alternative solution to individuals with obesity.

The pill balloon, which expands in the stomach after swallowing, creates a feeling of satiety and reduces the appetite level, thus providing a balanced weight loss without surgery. Over time, it occupies more volume in the stomach, slowing down nutrient absorption and helping the person to lose the desired weight with the right diet.

What are the Advantages of Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon application, which is one of the innovative obesity treatments, is very advantageous in many respects. It is preferred intensely due to its advantages such as not requiring anesthesia and not causing any distress to the person during swallowing.

Other advantages of the procedure applied with the help of modern equipment and specialist physicians are as follows:

  • It is a painless and painless application, does not require hospitalization and does not cause psychological problems that may be caused by surgery.
  • It is fast and reliable, it starts to take effect immediately.
  • The process is completed without departing from daily life.
  • The risk of complications is very low, the swallowed capsule settles into the stomach by itself and is expelled from the body by itself after fulfilling its task.
  • It provides a comfortable and safe loss of excess weight that poses a risk to health, thus improving the general health condition.
  • The nutrition program recommended after the treatment is sustainable for life.
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Who Is A Gastric Balloon Suitable For?

Swallowable gastric balloon; It is an easy and effective obesity treatment and can be applied to anyone between the ages of 18-65, with a body mass index between 27 and 40. It is the most ideal method especially for individuals who have an obstacle to anesthesia or have fear of surgery.

This procedure, which does not require additional intervention during both follow-up and removal, is not recommended for the following people:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Those who gave birth by cesarean section or had closed surgery in the last 1 year
  • Those with swallowing difficulties
  • cancer patients
  • Those with gastrointestinal bleeding

The choice of operation for the swallowable gastric balloon, which is the most reliable technique for most obesity patients, is decided based on the physician's recommendation and patient compliance. Every obese individual can choose a gastric balloon after detailed examination and examination.

How to Insert a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

There is a certain preparation period before the application of the swallowable gastric balloon. The patient uses the drugs prescribed by the physician 1 week before the procedure and is fed as recommended. Eating and drinking is stopped 12 hours before the application and the person is taken to the endoscopy unit. It is ensured that the patient takes the special capsule-designed balloon orally with water.

X-rays are taken to ensure that the balloon is positioned correctly, and then the physician begins to inflate the balloon with the connection apparatus by filling it with liquid. The liquid used at this time is a liquid that has no effect on the body and does not cause any problems even in case of leakage. After the procedure, which is completed in 15-20 minutes after all the controls, the person can quickly return to his daily life.

No additional action is required to remove the balloon from the body. The balloon, which dissolves spontaneously over time, is naturally expelled from the body, and the liquid inside is also included in the excretory system and goes out. This process is not felt by the patient and occurs spontaneously.

How Many Weights Can Be Lost With a Swallowable Gastric Balloon?

The swallowable gastric balloon swells after it settles in the stomach, preventing the person's desire to overeat. In this way, it provides weight loss and appetite control. The gastric balloon, which reduces the stomach volume and reduces the eating capacity, remains in the stomach for about 4 months, and during this period, 10% to 15% of the body weight is lost. In the meantime, since the person is given a regular diet and sports program, weight loss continues in the advancing phase.

The main purpose here is to create a sustainable nutrition plan for the person and to help control appetite.

Post-Operation Nutrition

People who have a gastric balloon should be fed with a liquid-based diet, especially for the first 2 days. Afterwards, herbal tea, yogurt and lactose-free milk can be consumed.

Dietitian and physician follow-up is of great importance in the process of getting used to the balloon. For this reason, a personalized nutrition program should be followed meticulously; fatty foods, packaged snacks and acidic beverages should not be consumed. Instead, calorie intake should be balanced and foods with high nutritional value should be added to the program.

Although the balloon remains in the stomach for a certain period of time, it helps the person lose weight by gaining healthy habits. If you want to get rid of the problem of obesity with the gastric balloon, which is a natural and risk-free method, you can apply to our Dmax clinic and get information about special recommendations.

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