Although plastic surgery may seem like a physical process at first glance, it is actually very beneficial in terms of mental health. It is possible to eliminate psychological problems such as loss of self-confidence and social inadequacy due to existing physical problems, thanks to aesthetic surgery. For this reason, the most ideal candidates for aesthetic surgery are patients who will undergo psychological surgery and are expected to recover spiritually with the surgery.

Estetik Cerrahinin Psikolojik Etkileri

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What Are The Benefits Of Aesthetic Surgery To Psychology?

Aesthetic surgery is a process that changes the psychological attitude of the person in terms of improving his body image. Regardless of the scope, size and type of the operation, positive developments are experienced in the psychology of the individual at the end of a successful procedure.

The main ones can be listed as follows:

1. Positive Self Perception

One of the most important benefits of plastic surgery is the positive change in one's self-perception. Many people who have undergone plastic surgery think that they look more attractive and younger from the outside at the end of the procedure, and they feel much better and more beautiful because of this. No matter how visible the results are from the outside, what matters is the change in the way a person perceives their own self.

2. Increase in Self Confidence

Another advantage of plastic surgery is that it renews the self-confidence of the person. People who restrict themselves socially or cannot wear the clothes they want due to reasons such as wrinkles, cracks, sagging or regional lubrication before the operation begin to feel much better at the end of the procedure. This situation contributes to the person to dress as he wishes, to increase his self-belief and to feel much more comfortable in social relations.

3. Increase in Self-Esteem

Aesthetic surgery physically heals the person and makes it look appropriate to the perceptions of beauty in his head. This situation improves social relations of individuals who do not have enough self-respect by making them value themselves much more at the end of the process. In addition, it allows him to reconsider his life values and leaves a positive impact in every field.

4. Mental Relaxation

Elimination of physical defects relieves the person psychologically in the first place. The person who has the desired body and facial features feels happier and more satisfied. Therefore, he gets the chance to direct his energy to much more beneficial areas by getting rid of the obsessions and anxieties he experienced before.

5. Psychological Well-Being

The physical changes experienced generally improve the person's outlook on life and improve their psychology. The person who was more negative and unhappy before, now feels much more comfortable and self-confident, and starts to look at life from a happy window. As a result, not only physical development, but also an increase in quality of life is observed. As a matter of fact, as the value judgments of the person change, the way he treats himself, his life choices and social behaviors also change in a positive way. In order to preserve the obtained results for the maximum period of time, the awareness of having a healthy and high life standards develops, which is a factor that directly increases the quality of life.

6. Recovering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder, up to the level of obsession, may occur in some individuals before the aesthetic operation, and this may seriously damage mental health. At the end of the operation, the person gets rid of this obsession and can focus on different things in life. Therefore, aesthetic surgery is one of the most ideal solutions to get rid of physical concerns.

7. Improvement in Dysfunctions

Aesthetic surgery is sometimes not just a physical concern and can cause various dysfunctions. For example; While the drooping of the eyelids causes loss of vision, conditions such as shortness or length of the legs can cause walking problems. Lip and tooth problems can cause problems in speech or eating function.

Therefore, eliminating the existing physical defect at the end of the operation helps the body to become more aesthetic, but it is also effective in eliminating various functional problems. As a result, the person can act freely in his actions by feeling more comfortable and happy in every sense.

The effects of aesthetic surgery vary from person to person, but in general, factors such as increased self-confidence, peace of mind and positive perspective are observed in almost every individual. Therefore, aesthetic surgery; It can be applied not only to eliminate physical defects, but also to increase one's living standards and motivation.

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