Hair loss, which is one of the problems experienced by men in society, can be easily resolved with a sterile clinic and the right choice of physician. However, most of the people who have lost their hair are prejudiced against hair transplantation due to the risk of pain that may occur during the application. With the method known as painless hair transplantation, which is generally applied under local anesthesia, the risk of feeling pain during the procedure is eliminated, thus increasing the comfort.

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What is Painless Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is a procedure applied to people with sparse hair and is usually performed using local anesthesia or sedation. For this reason, it is also known as painless hair transplantation and helps the patient to have a comfortable treatment by providing a short-term loss of sensation during the procedure.

hair transplantation; While helping to prevent hair loss due to different reasons such as genetic factors, age and hormones, it ensures the formation of permanent and strong hair follicles on the open scalp. Thus, it prevents the person from experiencing problems arising from lack of self-confidence in society.

What are the Anesthesia Methods Used in Painless Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Before most hair transplantation techniques, an injection into the scalp is required to relieve the feeling of pain in the area, but this is especially unsettling for people with a fear of needles. In painless transplantation, which is one of the new generation hair transplantation methods, the patient can be treated more comfortably as the area can be anesthetized without the need for needles. During the procedure, which is completely painless and painless, anesthesia can be applied with different techniques.

  • Needle-free local anesthesia; It is applied using pressurized special devices and helps to give local anesthetic substance under the skin. There is no needle intervention during this procedure and almost no pain or aching sensation occurs. Thus, hair transplantation can be completed comfortably.
  • Sedation; It is a local anesthesia method applied to people with a very low pain threshold or who are too afraid of the operation. For this, before the application, the person is given an anesthetic drug by opening a vascular access. This drug, which mixes with the blood, acts quickly, causing the person to experience temporary loss of sensation and helps the application to be applied easily.

How Is Painless Hair Transplant Performed?

People who decide to have a painless hair transplant should first consult a specialist and get information about the details of the procedure. Before starting any procedure, issues such as the person's hair quality and clarity are examined and the planting technique is determined together with the area to be planted.

Thus, the most appropriate number of grafts is transplanted to the person's own needs and the success rate of the procedure increases. In addition, the person is informed about the issues that need attention before the application and a date is determined for the treatment day.

During the procedure, anesthesia is applied according to the preference of the person and numbness is provided in the area. The subsequent steps are continued as follows:

  • First of all, the hair follicles to be planted in the open area must be taken from the hairy area and a minimal surgical intervention is applied for this.
  • During the hair follicle collection process using FUE or DHI techniques, the area on the back and sides of the head is generally preferred because the hair follicles in these parts are more resistant to shedding than the rest of the head.
  • After a sufficient number of hair follicles are collected, a suitable number of channels are opened on the balding skin according to the amount of hair follicles. During the opening of these channels, fine-tipped special equipment is used and thus channels are created in the size, depth and angle that the roots can hold in the best way.
  • After the hair transfer is completed, the process is completed by dressing the area. The duration of the procedure varies according to the canal opened, the number of roots taken and the size of the application area.

No pain or aching sensation occurs in any of the above procedure steps, so that the person can be treated easily. Since the needle is not used during the procedures using techniques such as FUE, the transplant operation can be completed much more easily and comfortably.

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What are the Advantages of Painless Hair Transplantation?

Painless hair transplantation is a technique recommended especially for people who are afraid of needles and operations. Thanks to this process, people who cannot undergo the necessary procedure due to phobia are treated and have the hair appearance they want. Therefore, all social problems in the society can be easily solved.

Painless hair transplantation, which provides psychological benefits, is also advantageous in terms of technique as it does not use needles. By not using a needle, the risk of infection and bleeding is minimized, and the healing rate is maximized. At the end of the needle-free and painless procedure, the person gains the advantage of returning to daily life without losing time.

Since no holes or cuts are formed on the scalp after the procedure, the healing process is as comfortable as the treatment. In painless hair transplantation where crusting is less, shedding also occurs extremely quickly. However, for a more comfortable recovery, the area should be protected from sunlight and extreme heat for several weeks.

In addition, it would be correct to wait for the time recommended by the physician to start intense exercises that will make the scalp sweat. At the end of an operation, which is completed by paying attention to these and applied by a specialist physician, the person can easily achieve the desired appearance.

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