Hair loss is one of the biggest problems of men. Hair loss, which is usually expected to begin in the late 20s, can sometimes occur earlier due to reasons such as stress and improper care. Sometimes, it can cause a person to go bald at a much younger age due to genetic factors.

Fortunately, hair loss, which was seen as a fate in the past, is now easily resolved thanks to newly developed hair transplantation technologies and is no longer a permanent problem.

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What are the Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that is more common in men than in women due to genetic factors and can occur at any age.

Although there is a hereditary predisposition on the basis of hair loss, there are actually many different causes and these are listed as follows:

  • stress and depression
  • Malnutrition or malnutrition
  • Ringworm-like skin problems
  • some diseases
  • Long-term use of certain drugs

Today, the treatment of hair loss problem experienced by many men is determined according to the cause. Reviewing daily habits can offer some solution in cases that are usually caused by medication, illness or malnutrition. However, in cases where shedding is excessive or there is a genetic predisposition, more permanent treatment methods should be applied.

How is Hair Loss Treated?

Hair loss, which damages the physical appearance and negatively affects the psychology of the person, can be treated in different ways. The aim here is to enable the person to choose the most appropriate method according to the severity of the problem, his expectation from the treatment and applicability.

In general, hair loss treatment is carried out differently in areas where shedding continues and in areas that are already bald.


Medication; While it can be useful in periodic or mild hair loss, it is insufficient in many cases of male pattern hair loss.

It can be a good solution especially in the presence of deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals or in the presence of stress, anxiety, depression and can eliminate the problems that cause hair loss. However, unless it is supported by other treatments, it cannot prevent the problem of baldness that most men face.

Hair Transplant

The method that offers the most permanent solution for all kinds of hair loss is hair transplantation.

There are many different types according to the type of shedding, hair and skin structure, and whether the transplant is shaved or unshaven. In general, in all methods, grafts taken from the hairy area are placed in the gaps opened in the balding area. However, the method of application, the equipment used and the symptoms that occur at the end of the procedure are closely related to the preferred method.


PRP treatment, which can be applied to both women and men, offers an easy and effective solution to hair loss.

It is especially used in cases where large baldness and male-pattern openings begin. It is applied by enriching the person's own blood in a laboratory environment and injecting it into the hair follicles as a serum. The results appear in a short time and are permanent for a long time, but the process needs to be repeated every 2-3 years.

Hair Transplant Methods and Advantages

Although there are various care applications and preventive methods against hair loss, none of them provide as much permanence as hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which has a high success rate and offers effective solutions to all kinds of hair loss problems, including beard or eyebrows, can be performed in different ways:

1. FUE

It is the method known as “Follicular Unit Extraction” and is effective in filling wide openings. During the procedure, very fine-tipped special equipment is used and a suitable number of hair follicles are taken from the area where the hair is dense. For this, the area needs to be shaved a little. The roots taken are placed in the channels opened in the bald area, during which no pain or ache occurs. Since minimal incisions are made while opening the canal, scars and redness are not seen after the application.

The advantages that distinguish this method from others are as follows:

  • It is a fast and effective method. It allows to collect more grafts in a single session, but there is a certain waiting period before transferring the taken roots.
  • It proceeds in 3 main stages, namely preparation, root collection and grooving.
  • It gives very good results.
  • It is suitable for outpatient treatment, it is not difficult for the patient during the recovery process.

2. DHI

It is known as “Direct Hair Transplantation” and is applied using special-tipped pens called choi. The equipment used during the process requires technical expertise and is quite thin. For this reason, the need to shave the area disappears and the person does not have any problems in returning to social life. During the application, grafts are collected from the hairy area of the person and transferred to the open area without waiting. In general, it gives very successful results and looks natural.

Other advantages it provides are:

  • Thanks to the equipment used, the surrounding tissues are not damaged during root collection and transfer.
  • The transferred roots are easily attached to the area and grow in a healthy way.
  • It enables hair transplantation without the need for shaving and prevents social problems that may occur.
  • It is the most effective method for androgenic alopecia, one of the most common types of hair loss.
  • It is much newer and modern than the FUE technique, it takes place faster, but it is more costly.

3. Safir FUE

It is a minimally invasive hair transplant method using special sapphire-tipped blades. It shows great success in shedding problems where cosmetic care products and drug treatment are insufficient. Thanks to the sapphire tips used, it helps the person to have dense and healthy hair. In addition, at the end of the process, it gives the closest results to nature. Unlike the classical FUE technique, less damage to the surrounding tissues during root collection and channel opening.

Other advantages of the sapphire FUE method, which is widely used due to the benefits it provides, are as follows:

  • During the treatment, pain and aches do not occur and patient comfort is kept at maximum.
  • During the procedure, the surrounding tissues are damaged slightly, so at the end of the procedure, there are no disturbing complaints in the area and the person can return to social life easily.
  • It is an advanced and modern technique, allowing the maximum number of grafts to be transplanted in a single session.
  • It is an easy, fast and low infection risk method.


Each of the hair transplantation methods offers different advantages in itself. For this reason, it is recommended that everyone who wants to get rid of hair loss problems permanently, first consult a specialist and get information about the most appropriate treatment for their personal needs. Thus, the results obtained will be much more permanent and satisfying.

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