Obesity is one of the problems that not only normal people but also celebrities frequently encounter. Gastric sleeve or gastric sleeve surgery, known as gastric sleeve surgery, has given countless celebrities their dream look to date.

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Celebrities Who Have Had Tube Stomach Surgery

Weight that cannot be lost for a long time and threatens the general health status is the enemy of many people. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy eating plan and exercise habits is not enough to get rid of this enemy. On the contrary, it is necessary to turn to one of the bariatric surgical treatments to facilitate the process.

Many of the individuals who have obesity and overweight problems, including celebrities, prefer sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery, which stands out due to its advantages compared to similar operations, is also extremely popular among celebrities. Here are those celebrities!

Celebrities Who Lose Weight With Stomach Surgery

Obesity; It is one of the problems that not only normal people but also celebrities often face. Gastric sleeve or gastric sleeve surgery, known as gastric sleeve surgery, has given countless celebrities their dream look to date.

1. Işın Karaca

Işın Karaca, one of the names reborn after sleeve gastrectomy, experienced an incredible change. He undertook a great task especially in promoting the surgery in Turkey and setting an example for people struggling with the problem of obesity. As a matter of fact, he drew attention with his healthy weight balance afterwards.

2. Okan Karacan

Okan Karacan, who was on the border of obesity, started to lose his health and had sleeve gastrectomy surgery and lost 60 kilos in 1 year, regressing to the ideal range.

3. Ümit Erdim

Famous theater actor Ümit Erdim was suffering from many health problems caused by excess weight in 2018. The artist, who underwent surgery to get rid of these problems caused by obesity, managed to lose 45 kilos in a short time and switched to a healthy life habit.

4. Deniz Seki

Deniz Seki, who was on the verge of obesity at one point in her career, was also experiencing weight-related metabolic disorders. At the end of a correctly applied sleeve gastrectomy, she got rid of all these ailments and gained a fit appearance.

5. Fatih Ürek

Fatih Ürek, who went under the knife in 2015, got rid of his previous diabetes and metabolic syndrome complaints. After the surgery, she lost about 30 kilos in 1 year and reached a balanced weight.

6. Hakan Aysev

Famous tenor Hakan Aysev suffered from sleep apnea, high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar problems due to his obesity. At the end of the surgery he had in the past years, he decreased from 148 kilos to 88 kilos and improved his weight-related problems.

7. Faruk Sabancı

Faruk Sabancı, a favorite young man from the Sabancı family, also preferred sleeve gastrectomy surgery to lose weight. After the successful operation, Sabancı weakened in a short time and in a healthy way, lost about 100 kilos and gained a fit appearance. Today, she continues to maintain her ideal weight.

8. Ozan Orhon

Ozan Orhon, who had a bandage on his stomach in previous years to overcome the problem of obesity, then had great problems because the cuff pierced his stomach. In order to both eliminate the current health risks and lose weight correctly, she preferred to remove the gastric band and undergo a sleeve gastrectomy operation. Afterwards, she experienced a balanced weight loss and reached her present appearance.

9. Emel Müftüoğlu

Popular singer and actress Emel Müftüoğlu shrank her stomach in 2016 due to suffering from excess weight. The artist, who still maintains her general health and weight despite undergoing surgery years ago, gained a healthier and fitter physique in a short time.

Celebrities who have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery are not limited to these names, of course. World-renowned names such as Mariah Carey, Lisa Lampanelli, Randy Jackson and Kelly Osborne are among those who have lost their stubborn weight in this way. This proves how reliable and successful the operation is.

Who is Suitable for Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most preferred and applied operation in the treatment of obesity. The low risk of complications and the success rate at the end of the procedure are the main reasons for demand.

The operation, which provides high comfort to the patient in the early and long term after the operation, generally requires removal of 80% of the stomach. In the meantime, the intestinal tract is not damaged and the food flow continues normally at the end of the surgery. In the person whose stomach is taken, the eating capacity is reduced and the hunger hormone is balanced, so that weight loss is aimed in the most efficient and healthy way possible.

However, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not suitable for every overweight individual. Surgery is not recommended for people who are below the obesity limit and who are able to lose weight through balanced diet and sports.

The primary method of losing weight is always diet and exercise, as a matter of fact, sleeve gastrectomy is a suitable method for obese individuals where this is not possible. Controls and examinations performed by the physician play a decisive role in the decision of surgery.

The most suitable candidates for sleeve gastrectomy are;

  • Morbidly obese individuals with a body mass index of 40 and above,
  • Individuals with a body mass index between 35-40 and suffering from obesity-related health problems,
  • Individuals with a body mass index of less than 35, but with diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea

is in the form.

It is also an important criterion that the person is between the ages of 18-65. Obese individuals under the age of 18 require parental approval as well as physician advice, while individuals over the age of 65 require many tests and tests to control additional diseases. The individual's desire to lose weight and his tendency to gain healthy habits closely affect the physician's decision.

Can You Gain The Weight Lost After Stomach Surgery?

After sleeve gastrectomy, the capacity of the stomach is seriously reduced and the region that secretes hunger hormone is removed, thus eating control is ensured. Therefore, approximately 80% of the excess weight is lost in the first 5 years after the surgery. Weight loss is at the highest level in the first 2 years and continues to decrease over time, thus achieving a sustainable weight balance.

However, weight gain after the operation is largely dependent on unhealthy living habits.

There is no risk of regaining weight in people who take into account the recommendations of physicians and dieticians, turn to healthy alternatives in food choices, and do not maintain their old unhealthy eating habits. However, since the operation loses its effect in the long term, regular patient follow-up is required in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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