After birth, problems such as excess skin, weight or sagging may occur in the body, and these problems bring many problems, especially self-confidence problems and self-dislike. Here, the aesthetic operations performed to eliminate the deformations in the body are called mommy makeover or maternity aesthetics.

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May I Have Both My Child and My Body | Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover or maternity aesthetics, which is one of the first methods used by people who want to restore their body to its pre-birth state after birth, is encountered by many famous names today.

For example Cardi B is one of them. There are rumors that Kim Kardashian, a mother of four, also had maternity aesthetics. As a matter of fact, the body shape that has changed due to pregnancy can be restored as a result of a series of procedures performed within the scope of maternal aesthetics in Turkey.

How to Make Maternity Aesthetics in Turkey

It is considered normal for women to make some psychological and physical changes during pregnancy. This also applies to the birth and breastfeeding periods. During these periods, it is possible for women's bodies to wear out.

In addition, after birth, problems such as excess skin, weight or sagging may occur in the body, and these problems bring many problems, especially self-confidence problems and self-dislike. Aesthetic operations performed to remove deformations in the body are called mother aesthetics or motherhood aesthetics in Turkey.

The most common aesthetic problems in the female body after childbirth are sagging of the breasts and cracks or loosening in the waist area. Since the problems that occur in every woman can be different from each other, the treatment process should be planned individually. Sometimes only a single operation may be sufficient, sometimes more than one operation may be required.

Among these operations, the most frequently applied procedures are breast lift, tummy tuck and restoration of lost breast tissue. As a result of all these procedures, women can get the appearance they desire by getting rid of their unsatisfied bodies after giving birth.

When Should Mommy Makeover Be Done?

As long as the general health condition is good, every woman can benefit from maternity aesthetics. However, according to physicians, the best time for maternity aesthetics is after the breastfeeding process is over. In other words, it is necessary to wait between 6 months and 1 year after giving birth to have maternity aesthetics.

Another determining factor for the time of maternity aesthetics is the details and scope of the procedures to be performed. For example, in order to perform tummy tuck surgery, the muscles in the region should be expected to recover, and this requires a period of at least 1 year.

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Although methods such as diet or exercise programs after childbirth can help the body recover, it does not always give results. That's why women between the ages of 25 and 40 or who have given birth more than once can achieve the look they want with mommy makeover.

How Does Mommy Makeover Work?

One of the most common problems women complain about during childbirth and breastfeeding is the excess skin left on the body and the formation of cracks due to excess weight. The main reason for excess skin to remain is an excess of volume in the body after birth.

Although it is possible to lose the excess weight left in the body after birth with diet and exercise programs, it may not be possible to get rid of the excess skin in the body with these methods. The same is true for cracks and sagging in the hips, abdomen or breasts.

Mommy makeover consists of a series of actions, not a single action.

The list of operations that can be done within the scope of Mommy makeover is as follows:

  • Breast reduction, augmentation and lift operations,
  • Abdominal, arm and leg stretching,
  • liposuction,
  • Vagina aesthetics

If you are not satisfied with the form your body takes after giving birth, you can consult a specialist plastic surgeon and get detailed information about maternity aesthetics applications and treatment process.

How to Make a Mommy Makeover?

The condition of people's bodies, general health status and expectations are determinative in terms of maternity aesthetic applications and application process. Since the waist, abdomen and breast areas are the most prone to excessive fat accumulation or sagging, most of the problems occur in these areas. If the problem is in all of these regions, more than one application may need to be performed together within the scope of maternity aesthetics.

As in all aesthetic operations, it is not recommended to use cigarettes and aspirin for 3 months before the procedure in maternity aesthetics by plastic surgeons. Blood thinners should be discontinued 1 week before. In addition, the nutrition plan should be carried out as recommended by the doctor 3 days in advance.

Depending on the type of procedure, local or general anesthesia can be applied to patients. Operations can be performed at different times, as well as in a single session or in combination.

The duration of the operation and the recovery period of the patients after the operation vary according to both the general health status of the patient and the scope of the procedures to be applied.

The procedure of each procedure applied in maternity aesthetics is different. Therefore, the treatment process and the steps to be taken during the procedures are planned individually. For this reason, you should definitely get detailed information about both the necessary applications and the steps of the procedures to be applied from a plastic surgeon.

Recovery Process After Operations

Although the factors to be considered in the healing process generally vary according to the procedure, it is recommended to start feeding 3-4 hours after the procedure is completed. When deemed necessary, the patient may need to wear an abdominal corset for the period recommended by the physician. It is important to walk upright and in a controlled manner for 1 week in order not to damage the stitches.

After removing the drain and removing the sutures, patients can return to their normal life and work within a few weeks.

Can You Get Pregnant After Mommy Makeover?

It is possible to get pregnant again after maternity aesthetics. However, the new pregnancy period causes all maternity aesthetic applications to lose their effect. However, the problems that will arise will probably be less than the problems that occur after the first pregnancy.

In this process, you can contact DMAX experts and get detailed information about pregnancy after maternity aesthetics.

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