It is possible to easily connect with many people by having an effective gaze and facial expression. However, prior to this, it is necessary to have a smile shape that possesses effective beauty. Smile design treatment methods are one of the most popular applications of the era and are known as a treatment method that provides exceptionally effective results. 


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Especially, individuals with dental cavities often exhibit a distorted smile, which is visibly noticeable, and they may even experience problems in their speech. Therefore, it should be noted that smile design treatment methods vary from person to person. These treatment methods are listed as follows:

• Gingivektomi (Diş eti estetiği ve tedavisi)

• Bleaching (Diş beyazlatma tedavisi)

• İmplant ve protez (Diş eksiklikleri tedavisi)

• Porselen lamine ve kaplama

• Zirkonyum kaplama 

• Ortodontik tedaviler


How is Smile Design Done?

The question of how smile design is done requires many answers. This is because there are procedures such as understanding optional requests, measuring the compatibility of the person's oral structure, and applying the necessary procedures before the selected procedure. After taking the measurements of the patient's mouth according to the procedure to be performed based on the request, the compatibility of the oral and facial shape is calculated using computer programs. After this calculation, the result that will be achieved with the procedure is shown to the patient. After the patient's approval, procedures such as implants for tooth loss or other orthodontic procedures are applied if there is a missing tooth. Subsequently, optional treatments such as teeth whitening or coatings such as zirconium or porcelain laminate are used.


How Much Does Smile Design Cost?

Asking about the cost of smile design can be somewhat of a misguided inquiry. This is because what each patient may need can be different. Some individuals may have gum problems, while others may have issues extending to the jaw. If there is no other problem, the procedure is completed and calculated after the patient's choice and approval of the desired outcome. To find answers to all your questions about smile design and to have beautiful smiles at the most reasonable price, you can contact Dmat Health.

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