Hair loss, which is frequently seen in society, is a condition that damages the social life of the person and causes various psychological problems. For this reason, developed hair transplantation techniques are divided into many sub-categories in order to meet the needs of the person better and to solve the existing problem in the most efficient way. Manual punch, one of these types, is one of the techniques that emerged as a result of the developments made in hair transplantation.

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What is Manual Punch?

Manual punch is a different type of FUE hair transplantation technique, which was developed in the 90s and is widely used due to the advantages it has recently. The procedure, which is performed by using a tool called a manual punch and making tiny holes on the scalp, is controlled by hand and is closely related to the experience of the physician. Since it was aimed to achieve a more natural appearance by increasing the success rate of hair transplantation after the improvements made, a decrease was observed in the use of the manual punch technique over time.

TThe main reason for this is that manual techniques have remained in the background with the use of micromotor device in hair transplantation applications. However, despite this, the manual punch method is still one of the effective and successful hair transplant applications in Turkey.

How to Make Manual Punch?

A preparation process is required before manual stapling in Turkey. How and when the application will be made is determined as a result of the physician's examination, while the most appropriate technique is decided by considering the needs.

It is important that candidates who are decided on manual punching should pay attention to the following points before the operation in order to reduce the risk of infection and complications:

  • Alcohol and smoking should be stopped 1 week before the procedure.
  • The physician must be informed about the drugs used before the application
  • Comfortable clothes should be preferred on the day of the procedure.
  • Since the manual punching process takes a relatively long time and in some cases requires additional sessions, it is recommended that the person avoid tiring behaviors and come full to the process.
manuel punch sac ekimi

Those who take the above suggestions into account are processed immediately on the application day and the necessary applications are carried out by the physician. During the procedure, first of all, hair follicles (grafts) are taken from the donor area and then placed in the required area. The manual punch method, which offers the opportunity to take up to 2500 grafts in a single session, is organized in sessions and ensures the transfer of healthy roots to the area with hair loss.

After Manual Punch Process

It is a long application that takes an average of 7 hours as it allows, and it is very important for the physician to work in sync and to act carefully and carefully during this period. Thus, it is ensured that root loss is minimized and the created appearance is natural. Just like in the FUE technique, the recovery process is comfortable and fast since it is performed without the need for any incisions.

In order to shorten this process and get the highest efficiency from the application, the following suggestions are made to the person:

  • After the application, the area should not be touched and the head should not be washed.
  • At least 3 days should be waited for hair washing and only recommended cleaning and care materials should be used.
  • The area should be protected from sunlight for at least 1 week.
  • Heavy exercises that will sweat the head area should be avoided.
  • Wearing hats and berets should be avoided.

Considering the points to be considered both before and after the procedure increases the success rate of the application. At the end of the procedure, which is applied with the expertise and care of the physician, people who pay attention to these warnings can return to their social lives with the appearance they want in a short time.

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