Generally, excess weight gained due to childbirth, regional sagging and cracks are the most uncomfortable situations for women. The holistic aesthetic operation, which aims to solve all such problems, is called maternity aesthetics.

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Can't be without a mother?

Today, mother aesthetics is one of the most frequently applied operations by mothers, including many famous names. This operation, which aims to eliminate physical problems related to pregnancy and childbirth in general, consists of several different applications.

Contrary to its name, maternal aesthetics, which reorganizes the form by eliminating aesthetic defects in the female body, is not only applied to expectant mothers and offers every ideal woman the opportunity to achieve the look of her dreams.

What is Mommy Makeover?

Childbirth causes some hormonal and physiological changes in the female body. Although most of the weight gained during birth is thrown out with the baby, the skin is usually loose, oily and has lost its old structure.

The slowdown and compulsory feeding plan that the newborn baby brings to the mother's physical life continues until the breastfeeding period is completed, affecting the physical appearance of the woman. At the end of this difficult but important process, which works differently for each woman, various aesthetic problems arise in one or more of the regions such as waist, hips, breasts, arms and legs. As a result, various self-confidence problems may arise in the mother who gains weight, can no longer fit into her old clothes, or avoids wearing certain clothes due to sagging skin.

What Is Aimed With Maternity Aesthetics?

Pregnancy and childbirth are the most important turning points in the lives of many women. During the 9-month pregnancy and birth process, countless hormonal and physical changes begin in the mother's body. As a result, some aesthetic deformations also occur.

Generally, excess weight gained due to childbirth, regional sagging and cracks are the most uncomfortable situations for women. In addition, some women have sexual problems due to vaginal deformation. The holistic aesthetic operation, which aims to solve all such problems, is called maternity aesthetics.

Maternity aesthetics, which allows the person to return to the previous state of pregnancy in a single session and eliminates the dissatisfaction with physical appearance, is a practical application that is completely tailored to the individual.

Annelik Estetiği Türleri

With maternity aesthetics, which includes a series of different procedures, it is aimed to eliminate the problems of self-dislike and lack of self-confidence due to pregnancy in women.

Detailed physician examination is evaluated together with the individual requests and a procedure plan is created for each patient. Thus, it is possible for the person to have the desired body lines and gain a more aesthetic form.

In Which Situations Is Maternity Aesthetics Applied?

The most suitable candidates for maternity aesthetics are women who have passed 6 months after giving birth and whose breastfeeding period has ended. It is not recommended to perform the procedure immediately after childbirth, because the female body enters a rapid recovery period after childbirth. At the end of this spontaneous process, some of the weight gained during pregnancy is lost, excess edema in the body is removed and the person gains a new routine. Therefore, after waiting for 6 months, the deformation caused by pregnancy will be understood more clearly and it will be easier to apply the correct procedure.

In addition, with the end of the breastfeeding period, the procedures to be applied to the breast can be performed without hesitation or without the risk of subsequent deformation.

However, depending on time and living standards, physical changes in women may not occur only due to pregnancy.

Due to hormonal imbalance, metabolic slowdown, hereditary factors and many other parameters, the female body may loosen and sag over time. Sometimes cracks, cellulite and lubrication problems can be seen. In all such problems, maternity aesthetics can be used with the recommendation of the physician. Especially every woman who does not think of becoming a mother again and wants to spend her life in a healthier form is a suitable candidate for the operation.

Some of the conditions to be considered before the operation are as follows:

  • Although it is an easy and practical application, maternity aesthetics is performed under anesthesia, so there should be no health condition that prevents the operation and anesthesia.
  • It is important that the person is psychologically ready for surgery and for the next process. Otherwise, the successful results at the end of the operation may not be preserved for a long time.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise program should be applied in order to preserve the physical structure for the maximum period of time.
  • Since similar deformations can develop again in women who are considering pregnancy again, it is ideal not to become pregnant after the procedure.
  • The habit of smoking and alcohol use should be terminated, such habits increase the risk of complications at the end of the procedure and cause the recurrence of problems such as cellulite by disrupting the blood flow rate.

As a result, the issue of which candidates can have maternity aesthetics depends on the decision of the physician. At this stage, many different parameters such as general health status, body structure, body anatomy and comparison of wishes and needs are evaluated. Depending on all these, the procedures to be applied to the candidate are decided and implemented in a way that meets personal expectations. Thus, every woman gets the aesthetic appearance she desires.

What are the Types of Maternity Aesthetics?

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding processes progress differently in every woman; At the same time, since factors such as height, weight, age, expectation are evaluated individually, the procedure applied to each patient in maternal aesthetics also varies according to the needs.

Among them, the most requested techniques are:

1. Tummy Tuck

Fat accumulation, cracked appearance and sagging in the abdominal region at the end of pregnancy cause discomfort to almost every woman. The aim of abdominal stretching is to eliminate such deformations. For this, the excess fat tissue in the abdomen is removed, the sagging skin is removed, the position of the belly button is rearranged and a tighter abdomen is obtained.

2. Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast tissue that grows especially during breastfeeding becomes sagging due to the end of this period and overuse and has a loose structure. This problem, which causes the woman to be unable to reconcile with her own physique, can be corrected with breast lift and augmentation operations. During the application, procedures such as wearing a prosthesis or removing excess tissue may be preferred according to the needs of the person. If necessary, the nipple circumference can also be rearranged. As a result, the breast structure is made more alive, young and fuller.

3. Liposuction

Liposuction, which can be applied to almost every part of the body, is one of the most effective treatment methods for regional fat deposits. It provides removal of excess fat in body parts such as abdomen, waist, legs, arms and hips. It is effective in breaking up the accumulated fat with the help of thin cannulas and transferring it to different parts of the body by reshaping when necessary. Thus, it helps to regulate the body contour as desired and improves the aesthetic appearance. It can be used especially with tummy tuck or butt lift applications.

4. Labiaplasty

One of the common problems caused by childbirth is the loosening of the inner lips of the vagina. This situation, which is aesthetically uncomfortable for many women, also negatively affects daily use in the area and causes various functional problems. With labiaplasty, the length of the sagging lips is shortened and the area is brought back to its normal appearance. In this way, the self-confidence problems of women are also eliminated.

The nature and level of each woman's dissatisfaction with her physique is different, so the operation process and form that each patient must undergo also differs. It is very important to choose experts in the field in order to make the most accurate process in the most professional way.

Post-Surgery Recovery

The recovery period in women who have maternity aesthetics is unique and different, so the full recovery process may vary. Candidates, who are kept under observation in the hospital for a few days after the successful operation, recover completely within 4-6 weeks after discharge. However, especially in the first phase, the person is advised to rest in order not to damage the application areas and to protect them against external impacts.

Complaints such as swelling, bruising and pain may occur in the application area. Such complaints go away on their own over time, and pain and ache problems are resolved in a short time with the drugs prescribed by the physician. In general, until the stitches are removed, it is necessary to avoid strenuous physical activities and not to rush to return to the daily routine.

In addition to regular physician controls, the implementation of a personalized nutrition and exercise plan positively affects the healing process.

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