Hair loss is one of the biggest problems of men. Hair loss, which is usually expected to begin in the late 20s, can sometimes occur earlier due to reasons such as stress and improper care. Sometimes, it can cause a person to go bald at a much younger age due to genetic factors.

Fortunately, hair loss, which was seen as a fate in the past, is now easily resolved thanks to newly developed hair transplantation technologies and is no longer a permanent problem.

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Will My Hair Loss Stop If I Put Birth Control Pills In My Shampoo?

There are many shampoos you can come across in supermarkets, pharmacies or stores selling personal care products. Some of these promise that the hair will look brighter, some of them fight against the formation of dandruff, and some of them promise to prevent hair loss. In addition to all these, many rumors that are believed to prevent hair loss continue to circulate on the internet.

So, how believable can both the shampoos in question and all these rumors be? Are the news that birth control pills stop hair loss true?

Effect of Birth Control Pills on Hair Loss

Birth control pills are highly reliable drugs used by women. However, these drugs must be prescribed by doctors and used as recommended by doctors.

Synthetic estrogen and progestin, which are the active ingredients of birth control pills, can help reduce hair loss. However, this may vary depending on the amount of drug used and the general health status of the people.

On the other hand, birth control pills do not mix with the blood on the scalp and cause any effect. So if you crush the birth control pill and mix it into your shampoo, it will not have the slightest effect on your hair, let alone reduce hair loss. Therefore, it is important that you always follow the doctor's recommendations, not hearsay, in the fight against hair loss. Otherwise, you can cause much more serious damage while trying to make your hair healthy.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Hair Loss?

Procapil, minoxidil and finasteride are three important ingredients that have been proven to prevent hair loss in both men and women. Especially procapil and minoxidil are components used in shampoos or hair care products.

Therefore, if you use shampoos containing these ingredients, it becomes possible to strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling out.

In order to prevent hair loss, it is not always necessary to turn to products that are beneficial for the hair, but also to abandon the use of products that may be harmful to the hair.

For example, silicone, SLS or various petrochemical products are some of them. In addition, shampoos that are said to have refreshing properties and contain lemon, mint or similar aromas have burning properties, so it is necessary to avoid using them.

As a result, it is extremely important not to engage in any application for hair without a doctor's recommendation.

Today, there are many procedures applied both to prevent hair loss and to regain lost hair. PRP is one of these procedures.

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What is PRP Treatment for Hair?

PRP treatment, also called Planet Rich Plasma, is the injection of platelet cells into the scalp, which allows the cells in the blood to be repaired. While the platelet obtained from the patient's own blood feeds the scalp, it also significantly eliminates hair loss.

PRP treatment is extremely effective not only for the prevention of hair loss, but also for curing many diseases from shoulder pain to knee calcification. This treatment method, which can be applied to all men and women over the age of 18, is ideal for regional hair loss and male pattern baldness.

PRP treatment is not recommended for cancer patients, pregnant women, people with blood diseases, or patients who have to use blood thinners. High success rates are achieved in applications performed by specialist physicians.

How is PRP Treatment Done?

The steps in the treatment of PRP, which is an effective method for the prevention of hair loss, are as follows:

  • The suitability of the patient for PRP treatment is checked by applying medical tests,
  • Approximately 10 cc of blood taken from the patient is separated by means of special devices and a platelet serum is obtained,
  • The resulting platelet serum is injected into the hair follicles.

PRP treatment may take half an hour or more depending on the application area. Depending on the general health status of the patients, 3 to 5 sessions performed every 2 weeks or once a month are sufficient for treatment. No pain or pain is felt during the application. After the application, there may be mild pain and swelling.

Although PRP treatment is an effective method, it is not possible to talk about a long-term permanence. The doctor may request that this process be repeated every 3 to 6 months or longer. Factors such as regular hair care and nutritional habits after PRP treatment are decisive for the permanence of the application.

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